Red circle round a player in Atlas - what does it mean?


I have searched but not entirely sure what I’m looking for so sorry if this is a duplicate.

What does this circle around a player in Atlas mean? I cannot attack these players. There were about 3 of them, the rest of the players I was able to click on and view their info and have the ability to attack.



That happens temporarily while the data is loaded. Wait a few seconds and click again


Thank you. I waited ages! It wasn’t a major issue for me as there were others I could attack. Just didn’t know if it was a glitch.


Use castle option instead


Yes, but you have to wait for the data load for doing in the castle :wink:
Quicker though, is also what I do


Just finding my feet slowly in Atlas. I don’t know what this means.


means primarch has left the field or died


Click on the castle, select “details”, and go to… Primarch? First tab, I don’t remember the name. There you have all the teams and primarchs, with a convenient “Attack” button that may or may not work sometimes


Every day is a school day. I’ve been clicking around each dragon hoping to find one I can beat before getting killed myself


Circling where the button will be. You need to be on the castle to see it

By the way, Aligane is empty… No season, no blood


Thanks very much

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