RED dragon shards

Hello :wave: again. I was write in last year about red dragon riders shards and now again. I was asking if possible can do same thing with red shards like option swap to blue dragon riders shards or put more dragon riders which can get for red shards but not blue only.Because I know I am not only one guy who have same problem I know wery big % players who have same problems. Like me have already all riders which can get for red shards and all riders already max lv and really don’t need anymore red shards, because already gone few atlas events and always if want dragon riders need only blue shards, and red shards just keep growing in in storage.Can you please think :thinking: about this and do same thing. Wery great will be new riders which can buy for red shards or can swap for blue shards.I will happy if I can swap 1500 red for 500 blue, 1:3 or 1:4 times

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That’s still completely useless for active atlas players, blue shards are also just piling up for me without anything to spend them on, albeit slower than the red shards.

I agree something to do with excess red shards would be nice, if only to be able to use them for event points. But make it something like buying crafting shards with them, not another shard type that has no use once you have all the riders.


You can grind for blue rider shards :slightly_smiling_face:. Aim at lv 15+ beasts


What’s the drop rate for blue rider shards?

Maybe I’m being super slack, but it looks like I get about one a month.


I am getting same amount but red too I would say :joy:

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Extremely rare :joy::joy::joy:

I can’t see my current count, have to wait for a new rider to come out. But the last time I looked I was on track to get one free rider about every 11 years.

I deem the feature not terribly useful.


Seems on par with what PG is willing to do for “free”
I give this place 11 months, maybe.

Edit. I checked. I have 82. Woot! I guess…

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I think I’ve managed to get 51 blue rider shards (just from hitting beasts, not from claiming prizes). But that number is still very low compared to what is needed to hire a rider :rofl:

lets see. ummm i got 50k or so ? and Zzzzz nwm :no_mouth:

Let me give you a secret :blush: its never gona be happen :wink:

Eh, there will always be future riders to spend them on. Id rather have something else to use crafting scrolls on. I die a little inside every time Im forced to waste sigils/badges on more scrolls to progress through an atlas or rider line

A 2nd rider for seasons that they’re going to do a defensive rider would be nice though.

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I calculated it some time ago at about 19 years to get enough blue shards for a rider if you did 10 beasts/day. You could go hardcore and cut it own to maybe 10 years.

Those drops are about as useful as the 6 rubies you get (valued at about 3 cents) when a teammate buys a large pack.


Free stuff makes players quit. So does games that cost $90,000 to play it would seem.

Sessions thrived on those 6 rubies so don’t knock them… :rofl:


Yes plz :joy:

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