Red envelope gifts

I don’t have another device or account and really need to trade these or are they gonna be available to buy for ourselves kinda need this before breed event ends

Just ask to swap with your teammates. Do a couple at a time.

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I’ve asked a lot of people on my team and they won’t do a swap :joy: I’m desperate for some sigils, only 470 away from avyx. Then I’ll have leos, equestor and avyx. :grin:

no worry still have super sigil coming next week to complete your wish lol


From completing Avyx or getting his egg? Just wondering.

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Super Sigil Chests: 1000 sigils per 10 chests (5k rubies)
This is 5/6 of $20 which is $16.67 for 1000 sigils on average.
Red Envelope: 1040 sigils per 2 envelopes ($9.98)

The red envelope is a great deal! I can get Neptus for $275 but won’t do so :joy::joy:.
Solution: Create an Account and pass the tutorial.

Getting his egg

So where have the envelopes gone???

He meant getting his evolve stones. What level are you?

If you’re not much of a spender and under level 40, no big deal to get multiple dragons. If you’re over that, you should be getting evolve stones. So work a single dragon. I’d suggest under 70, get through gold, under 90, grab Plat, under 120, Sapphire. And then under 200, just focus on through emerald.

:joy: I’m only lvl 31.

I’d suggest to get at least gold though. That is because minimum base level for expert green and expert orange is actually the same (84), thus many dragons will get heaps of level ups there (and on the next season, you will likely reach the level).

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I’m level 56 and limited myself to sapphire stone.
If i went further, by the time I got it up to say… as an example, obsidian, it would be obsolete as better and more powerful dragons would be out.
Generally try and get 2 tiers above the tier you are breeding.

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It only takes about 15 minutes to make an alt. If you are desperate, spend 15 minutes? :thinking:

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i just finished eq. should i try to get neptus with the red envelopes for avyx and gladicus? i’ve an alt in my team btw

I’d say it depends on how much money you’re willing to spend. Remember, you’ll need to get all the stones for Equestor, Avyx, and gladicus

How many envelopes do you need to get Neptus?

48 packs per line (25k / 520).
3 lines (48 x 3)
$720 if you haven’t done a thing this season.
Plus the extra sigils for Neptus and his stones.


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