Red Live Streams!

Hello WD Community,

If you are bored or remotely interested, I live stream War Dragons on a 322, 263, and 158 account for fun. We regularly engage in adult beverages (yay Mimosa Sundays), we have fun, I am “informative” because I have been playing this game for too damn long, and we have Hau Heart Emotes. I shit you not. Also I think I really funny. So there is that.

Come hang out with us!

Okay bye.


I will be making a “Winter Schedule” soon, so if there is content, days, or times you’d like to see - please let me know!

What I would find really helpful, particularly from those of us lower level, is to see dragons flown at various levels (i.e. not just expert vs level 60 towers etc). This way we can see how flying differs at different levels based on the spells and resists that the dragon has at that point.

E.g. would be interesting next season to see Avyx flown at say level 9 vs level 60+ base; level 12 vs level 80+ base - to show how flying would differ based on having/not having healing mark/ice resist. Will be very informative for lower levels who don’t usually fly hunters.


This will take a little bit of careful planning, and I’m not sure what dragon I’m getting yet, but I’ll do my best!

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Haha yeah - a bit difficult to live stream dragons at differing levels unless you deliberately hold some back on some of your accounts - thanks for considering though!

Seems doable if you stop before the evolution stone on each dragon.
I can definitely undertake that project as well, especially if Red and I choose different dragons.

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That’ll be cool - showcasing next season’s dragons at different stages of their growth! :+1:

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