Red Mages not working

So I see that thunderstorm was changed to red but now red mages aren’t working either can we get a fix for that

What do you mean by “not working”?

We’re going to need a lot more information to go off of before we can even begin to triage this.

@Frito1224 Can you describe the situation in which your Red Mage Towers aren’t functioning as expected?

My guess is as long as you cast it before in range of red mage, the spell still attacks towers covered by red mage (like it did with blue mages)

But I haven’t seen it In action

Thunderstorm? Yes it “attacks it” in the sense that you see the lightning hitting it, but it doesn’t do any damage.

I’ve went to attack several times and the red mages do nothing to block any of the spells they are still able to be used I tried this with both nightshade and borgian and had the same results they are just not stopping spells

Thunderstorm and Thunderbolt are two different spells.

Borgian’s Thunderbolt is White, so Red Mage towers will not block it. Red mages should block his Healing Mark though.

For Nightshade, Crumble to Dust would be blocked by Red Mages–is this what you were seeing?

What in the world of war dragons are you talking about? Both of those dragons don’t have thunderstorm?

Please clarify what spell you’re asking about and more details pls.

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