Red screen for collecting troop prizes

Is anyone else having issues with the troop training tab? I click on it and it goes red…

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Yes. Says app missing.

Did you update the app to version 7.80?

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I have it after update on Android. iOS is ok.

Edit, iOS didn’t work either after update. Red screen with “missing app” no matter what I do”

Me too! Same screen

Same red screen. This is after updating to 7.80 on iOS.

I have iOS and it’s the same.

I have 5ta members reporting the same issue.

@DragonPunch will you guys fix this? That’ll be awesome, thanks!

Yikes! I’ve alerted the team about this. They’re currently looking into it.


Thank you :hugs:

Same red screen for castle management

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All right, the team just released a fix for this. Please let me know if it persists.