Red Thank You For Your Work!

Just wanted to try and give red some recognition for all of the work she does for this game.
I speak for most people who know about you but we really appreciate everything you do red!
You’re an inspiration!
Me and other players I’ve met didn’t understand breeding paths but your ‘best breeding path’ is just so simple and effective that I can easily say it’s my favourite in the game. In fact, I made this whole account around that path.

Thank you again red. Keep your head up and smile!


Might be a good idea to actually tag her?

@TheRedDelilah you got another fan :heart:


Didn’t know how to tag lol

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Well, she is a moderator now… she probably reads just about everything on the forums lol.

Still, @TheRedDelilah you’re awesome :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


@TheRedDelilah I love you😍

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Red u help more players than you will ever know!!:heart:


She is the war dragons Messiah, sent by the dragon gods to spread knowledge onto us all and reveal the secrets of the Devine (and how to best inbreed little mutant dragons). Temples should be erected in her honor. Her birthday should be a game wide holiday

Seriously though the work she does for us is amazing. Her breeding guides changed my WD life and her hunter video was so helpful. A MILLION thanks @TheRedDelilah


What you didn’t know what the cost… your immortal soul!!! Mwhahahaha!

Totally joking. Red, we all (or most of us) love you and your work is amazing. Thank you for everything you put in.


She can have it and my first born. Hell I’ll even throw in a set of Ginsu knives and I’ll gift wrap

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Thank you! So sweet :slight_smile: I’m actually on a bit of a break/vacation from the game right now, but this was so kind and lovely to read.


:heart: love and happiness to you and your family.

Overrated imo.

Not one of her paths gets the PG recommended dragon Shivano.



(which stands for quoted for truth just so i don’t get a dagger to the back or something. I’m pretty sure i interneted properly)


Nice Holyday to you.

Sure i have to thank you too.

omg you suck! @TheRedDelilah
Just kidding, I love ya Red! Keep doing that great work!

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Here’s another Red fan! Thanks for all your work, @TheRedDelilah!! I learned so much from your posts and website. They are a real asset to the game. And your breeding paths are invaluable

Another Red fan. Thanks for all of your hard work

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