Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


Hello community!

It is done, tested, and shared to the public - my “Best” Breeding Path! I have streamlined certain areas of breeding based on experience with my own accounts, the experience of my teammates, and experiences of my lovely friends in Gold who host my BabyAccount (shout out to LeatherAndLace in Gold). As always, please keep the document live instead of taking photos so you can be sure you’re always following the up to date path. No work needed on your part - all my breeding paths are live and up to date.

annnnnd and image for you visual people (from my twitter).

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Should players be using the breeds on here for the whale cons path vs the one on the wixit site?


There is a link on the WIX site to her best path - which is here also. I’d follow her best path if you can otherwise you can hack together an interim one to get you back onto her best path which is what I have done.


I guess I’m wondering why the whale cons path on wixit is different than on here. I definitely understand this is more current than the wixit site.


The whole Gold-Plat area of the path?


Yes, I’ll use pictures only for easy comparison:



It’s based on the dragons that are obtained in Orange-Gold. On my original paths, on the wix site, you can see you get Basil and Lumen for instance as a side breed while getting greens. This isn’t the case in the Orange-Green of the “best” path and thus the path had to be adjusted to compensate.


This is probably a stupid question, and I’m kinda new to the game. I see that we need 100 000 tokens to get Whalegnawer.
You have to save for months to get so many breeding tokens, right?


You get whale AND cons for 100k total, but it depends on how you play the game. I am E2P and I usually get 110k-140k tokens between breeds, depending how how I do on events, how consistent I am with egg missions, and the double egg token bonus in the season line really helps! If you don’t have it, get it next season ASAP. If you know you don’t make that much in between events, try saving a few k tokens in the breeds before it.


Welcome to war dragons!

There are a couple of things you can do to speed up your token progression:

Training some older dragons

Hi Red, starting to use your path. Wonderful work and commitment. I try to understand the mechanics.
Question anout breeding Mune. Why is Ferrox and Consurgens better than Khrysos and Sekoronos?
I do not have enough tokens to run tests…
Thanks again.


Because if you look at her path there isn’t khrysos or sek. Her best path is most optimised and many dragons are left off if they are not necessary for progression.

Edit: if you already got khrysos and sek look at her website for the path using khrysos and sek.


For mune, it takes 31200 with ferrox and cons, but 32000 with sek and khry:


Thanks, your work increases the fun and depth of the game.


Hey Red, can you make me a breedung from orange tier to Obsidian for sorcerers only, please? Message me at my IGN in War Dragons: xKrampusMagex
Also, once you’ve made the guide for me then can you please notify me in game, please? Thanks!


Red is a sweetheart but please, stop it.

Edit: If this is a joke sorry. If it’s not a joke, stop it.


What are you talking about?


Which part do you need clarification on?


It’s not a joke and I’m asking Red if she can make me a breeding guide for sorcerers only from orange to obsidian because I’m in need of a sorcerers only breeding guide right now. Also, I’m terrible with warriors and hunters, sorcerers are the easiest for me to fly


First off my comments were because she has put in enough work for all of us, not even sure what a sorcerers only breeding guide looks like, but sorry for coming off as rude. Follow her guide as it is and get the sorcerers along the way. When I was newer I sucked with hunters so I didn’t like them now they’re just about the only thing I enjoy flying. Don’t limit yourself.

Her guide will get you to all your sorcerers in the thriftiest way possible, don’t you worry. Just stick with it.