Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


Preach it!


Best text I’ve read in my ocasional viewings of the forums. Finally too!
Hopefully the majority will take equal stance.
Thx Red.


The scaling needs to be taken care of, people are hitting a huge token wall and quitting the game.

Honestly I don’t see how this hasn’t been done already.


I appreciate the work that you do immensely and I’m very grateful but I highly doubt PG cares about how efficiently people breed dragons and what it costs. They’d arguably want dragons to cost MORE but the endgame people would have a fit. Like you said, Apophet is 7 tiers below endgame which means most endgame people don’t care about it either. If the biggest spenders don’t care about it then PG doesn’t care about it. Unfortunate but life goes on.


All due respect to you and the hard work you’ve done with those guides. I have greatly appreciated them. But the players who greatly benefit from your guides will end up spending more as they breed dragons that are unnecessary. So, in the end PG will take in more cash and as a business they win. But, your guides so your call. Thanks for having been willing to share them!


Thank you for taking a stand Red.

If anyone has questions about breeding paths, several of us have them partially memorized. Please reach out to others while Red does this. It’s unfortunate that she has to, but I fully agree with and support her reasoning.


Dear Red,

We all appreciate what you do, and whilst some will complain that they cant access your resource it is time someone takes a stand.
PG listen, when players that do this much work, record and replay and train and share so much of the game say there is a problem tell the accountants to shut the hell up and listen to them.
This will affect lots of people and I hope many will take to the forum as suggested and say FIX THIS.
Everyone knows of the sapphire wall, and then the garnet hill and blah, blah, blah.

People say don’t train that dragon over breeding level, don’t spend sigils on this season it is terrible…heck all dragons get out leveled. Remember at level 5 when your got your first epic dragon…wow that was fun… then went through and got AMAROK… and again wow… then gold legendaries and they were nice and shiny and cool…then the sapphire wall… it now takes so long to get a new dragon, that many players forget to play. They forget the shear joy of taking a base above them, or well defended and just scraping through. Everyone is about the path, stay on the path, and I love this resource RED i really do, it is not a guide it is ESSENTIAL now as you cant afford to stray from it. It is not the money, cant buy egg tokens directly, it is not the effort, so many runs to get egg tokens, it is the time.
Take a Stand… this is the issue
The Doctor


U totally right red in doing wht u did… And took down ur paths and otherthings offline… Pg does need to do something about this for sure… I know the scaling sucks big time… I know have gone through the sapphire shit wall :see_no_evil: plus there are so many drags tht are useless n still we gotta pay more tokens for them… Like icicle needs 220k ish and noc only 140k :man_shrugging:t2:


Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do Red. I’m in the Saph to Garnet grind right now so had no idea of this ridiculous scaling discrepancy. I sure hope pg listens but I’m not going to hold my breath. PS: I wish I had found you sooner. I wouldn’t be so behind in drags. At least my mini will be on point :kissing_heart:


Thanks for the path, Red. But this will never change. It’ll piss off the whales because they paid full price so why shouldn’t us new players. I appreciate the effort but the folks (myself included) coming up on the sapphire wall will only be injured by this. I highly doubt they will listen.


If they’re truly whales, not having a breeding path and paying full price for dragons doesn’t affect them as they do it every time new ones are released.

The players that should be pissed by losing these resources are not whales. If you aren’t a whale and you’re pissed at Red, then your anger is very misdirected. She is only supplying the cheapest and/or the best ways to currently obtain dragons under the current breeding scheme.

Needless to say, the current breeding scheme needs to be fixed. There is absolutely 0 reason that a Sapphire dragon should cost MORE then a current endgame dragon.

As I said in another thread, PG needs to implement some sort of scaling NOW, not in 5.0 or 6.0, but NOW.

Unfortunately, I doubt PG will implement any changes anytime soon, nor do I think they will even acknowledge the stand that players are taking.


You know, every time this gets mentioned, some people on the forums seem convinced that any form of scaling or catch-up mechanism will cause the seas to boil with the fury of angry whales. While I’m keeping me harpoons at the ready and a weather eye toward starboard for a rising hump, I very seldom see any on the forums. What I do see are a ton of diamond players who don’t personally benefit from mid-tier scaling repeatedly asking for it. :man_shrugging: Maybe I missed something, but the spenders in this game don’t seem to care that much about keeping the plebs down.


Personally, none of this affects me, nor will it affect me for a good long while. I’m too tiny.

With that said, it does seem to me to warrant a review by PG so there is a proper leveling path, and the other items mentioned.


@PGCrisis Red is right, this breeding situation is getting more and more crazy as every new tier is added. We need at least an honest statement of intent that tis will be adressed in the near future.


The tinier you are, the more this affects you, honestly.

If you aren’t on a breeding path, I would normally suggest you get on one, as Pokémon breeding is very bad, at any level, but with the removal/retraction of the BEST breeding paths available to the players, that option isn’t available until PG wakes up and LISTENS and more importantly, takes ACTION to fix something.


I for one don’t wish to see any statements or platitudes from the overlords. They have been talking for so long they read like charlie browns teacher. The only thing that is acceptable at this point is cold hard action on their part. The scaling of the balloon was such a slap in the fucking face when you see the difference in cost of the dragons. They tell us they need to move slow so they don’t affect the economy of the game but there is a difference between moving slow and not moving at all.


I don’t dispute how valuable Reds path is, but her actions are her own not PG’s. Let’s separate these two actors here.

PG - makes a game and runs it.
Red - makes invaluable resources available for free.

Red has every right to take down her site, and protest and try to pressure others to follow suit.

PG has every right to run the game they own in whatever way they wish.

We, as players can disagree with PG, or we can say “I had to spend my money/time/effort to get where I am, why should someone else have an easier time than I did?” Points on both sides are valid.

Personally, it doesn’t really affect me since I prepared already for this eventuality. I learned a long time ago to copy out valuable information and save it because these sources can dry up unexpectedly. Just like favorite recipes on the internet, they can disappear in an instant or someone’s I copy,copy, copy.

Do I agree with Red? Yes, in principle. I think there should be a rebalancing of these upper dragons and towers and such. But it’s still so far away from me in practical terms, it will be many months before it applies to me and I may tire of the game long before then. Her information would have been so helpful to so many in the upcoming breeding event (whenever that is), but her “I will take my toys home if you don’t play with my rules?” Eh, not so much. But they are her toys after all and if she wants to draw a line in the sand, then she has that right. Good for her.

Red is doing what she decided is necessary, PG didn’t force her hand to take her helpful information down. Red applied an embargo of her information until enough people pressured PG to see things from her point of view. Red is Red, PG is PG.


I think you’re missing the point.

PG has indeed forced players to take action, by their inaction and unwillingness to even discuss what changes they’re looking at.

And those “free” player provided resources have kept a LOT of money in PGs pockets over the last few years as without player provided resources, the average player would have quit long ago, thus a potential revenue resource gone for PG.

Connect the dots. Or not :man_shrugging:


We have differing points of view.

You think PG has forced a hand, I don’t.

I think Red got frustrated with trying to move a corporate bureaucracy. Understandable.

I am good with having two different viewpoints.


I think Red (me) knows a lot more about the game than people realize - past, present, and future - and is unwilling to stand in and show any type of support for the actions they are taking. I think Red (me) took down her breeding paths to spark people to speak up, to have a voice, to be angry.