Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


And rightfully so! Although the “future” comment makes me a little more worried about what’s to come.

Eh screw it. I’ll quit before long anyway. 2 1/2 years wasted


Tnx for all the good tips in the past red👍


The “future” part scares me to


I think me (whatever my name is) is grateful and thankful for Red’s contribution before this week and even more starting this week.


A suggestion I’ve read here before is to have the scaling only go to the second highest tier. So currently you benefit through mythic harbingers, but pay full price for vanguards.

They whales keep their huge advantage because vanguards are that much stronger, while the rest of the players get to continue progressing which keeps them around.

But as others have mentioned, the whales don’t seem to care much. They didn’t speak up when the egg token ballon update came out allowing you to get a few more tokens from missions. They didn’t speak up when research costs for green research dropped slightly.
My guess is they don’t really care about stuff they haven’t looked at anytime recently, or that they recognize a healthy community is good for them. I’d imagine they’d get bored if the player base dropped to just a couple of D1 teams of whales.


Even D1 is already pretty strongly differentiated. It has had its own sub-league of sorts for a long time. Rank 25 (and much earlier) isn’t remotely competitive with Rank 1. It’ll only continue to get more concentrated as more people give up and teams disband.


Thanks for aiding the community all this while and for taking a stand. Dragons like Apophet, Stormheim and Xenot - as well as the other dragons in their respective tiers - should have their costs lowered by around 30-50% depending on their “distance” from the end-game.


That sounds ominous :scream:


Thanks @TheRedDelilah for all your generosity for all the countless hours you spent, your skill and expertise, and exploding brain cells for that you’ve done for all of us. Some think that you are punishing the players instead of PG. I don’t see it that way. Some think that PG will actually benefit from your action as will cause people to spend more on the game not knowing the cheapest way to breed.

I do think people will do that (spend more $ … at first) because they don’t know what to do. But in my opinion, it’s the long run to be thought about. It is very well possible those same people will end up leaving the game because there is no real help or direction from PG. And things are changed that are not needed like for instance, the new UI. Things like that should be low on the list. As we all know, there are countless other things that need to be worked on first. The bugs, the crashes and the countless support responses blaming the player’s connection. I never realized how many people live in my house and use my connection. They must be hiding under my rugs or in my closets. :joy:

So, I applaud you for your stance. I admit that I was quite shocked at first. But once it sunk in, I realize this is a bit of a wake up calling for change, people to generate talk, voice their opinions and frustrations.

PG won’t actually start listening until their revenue dries up and their real player base starts giving up on this game and move on to the next because they are tired of spending their hard earned cash on something that repeatedly has major issues with no real help.


I fully understand you Red. I’ve been following Icicle 1 since I was level 50. Now I’m finishing Apophet and starting on my second garnet. It still hurts me that I paid 195k for hau, paying 200k this event for apop and I’m soon paying 231k for Icicle. It’s ridicioulus.

This game is more than 25 teams. PG should scale it to attract more players, more teams and more competition. If PG is smart, they can see that more players will result in a larger revenue, and they wouldn’t have to rely on some big fishes who’s stranded in Dreadnought or NMO.

If/when they scale it, I hope they scale so it would benefit the players, and not increasing the cost for Redrian from 175K to 700K.


You heard it here first! :joy:



Really, the only thing that happened was scaling the missions… It was a good resource…


Red I am on the sapphire wall now I have been following your hints and tips for a while… feeding info to my team… I have played many strategy games and it’s a shame when the game designers start listening to the whalers… what happens is it starts to dry up the new people coming into the game… and slowly the game dies from the bottom up untill only the coiners and whalers are left… I’m lucky I saved some of your info. Your pathways are still helping new people to love the game … the only thing that I could do with help on is towers… as im getting people join my team with really bad bases and for some rebuilding just isn’t going work because the base defence level will drop drastically if they take out the amount of medium level towers they have … is there a solution to get round this?


Their base defense numbers will drop, however the defendability if the base and the overall base will be better.
Rebuild and a base is not a number. If it was then nobody would attack a base over 100 levels above them. A bad base will never be a good base. So rip it apart and start again. It will be easier for your team if they understand the number and the defense doesn’t matter as well as the design.
The doctor


I have to say that I completely stand by Red’s decision to take down her breeding paths and website. It’s what needs to be done to get players talking and fighting for improvements for the game we all love. I’ve already seen quite a few new faces speaking up here on the forums, and that’s awesome!
@TheRedDelilah — this may be an unpopular opinion, but… I say don’t bring your stuff back up, not until we see some serious change. It might suck for us in the short-term, losing access to such intensive info that you’ve graciously provided, but long-term, this kind of stand is what needs to take place. :t_rex:


Cheers Doctor … some are so bad you can’t defend at all… I’m getting level 40s n 50s join with bases that have never had any form of help… … its as though very few newer players are being taught any sort of strategy … I had a level 30 join recently who didn’t even know what the sigils were for …:confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:


As I said on another status, PG clearly has a threshold that differentiates between “histrionic players” and “legitimate problem we need to address.” If Red brings back her guides because some players feel entitled and get upset, the whole house of cards comes down. Threats must have weight behind them or they’re worthless.

If that means we miss a breeding event or two, so be it. What’s a breeding path if the game erodes away from the bottom up? I’d like to actually get to FLY some harbingers or vanguards before the game dies, thanks.


Exactly. We gotta stick to our guns and really be adamant about our cause. Nothing else will bring about change. :t_rex:


@TheRedDelilah I have supported you and your cause. I am holding a plaque and a candle singing and chanting. Make the change.
Radical proposal and may not be too popular.

You (red) have stated you would not hurt the player community. People say you are hurting them not allowing hem to use your resource.
Some players have known nothing but the red breeding guide of goodness so let them see the pain a bit for real.

This is a breeding weekend and see how much outrage occurs when players, near end of season, near next breeding tier, need to breed without your guide. Let them face the walls on their own, let them see the futility of the PG breeding guide, which only tells you when you have one of the parents of a dragon, not the potential offspring, not the number of tokens.

Let them feel the loss of a resource and then let them voice their complaints. So far not one of the followers of your paths have bred outside of an event for so long this protest hasn’t really hit them yet. Outrage and indignation but no real “wake up this is happening to me moment”.
Let it hurt a bit. Then they will change their voice to outrage against PG as it directly affected them. Sure be will for a few haters, but then again haters gonna hate…just Chanel their fire

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