Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


I believe that Red will and believe it when they see it.

At least that’s what I would do in the same position.


I think Red’s point in taking away the breeding paths was not to hurt the players who use them but to make them side with her and understand why all this is a problem. Her influence with these guides reaches the entire community and taking it away made everyone angry with her and PG. I believe she knew this would happen and hoped that the people would realize that their anger is better suited to be directed at the developers of this game than an everyday player like you and I. Instead of asking for the guides back talk with your community and teammates and ask for advice from those who took the same paths as you and/or maybe learn of a new one. This struggle is what Red goes through to make these guides and the reason there is a struggle is because of how difficult breeding is from Sapphire and onward. Yes, they just said change is coming but that doesnt mean it is here. Actions always speak louder than words with PG.


Anyone still complaining about the paths being down is a total idiot…


This is strictly my opinion, but ……

Let me START by saying that I believe that Red’s Choice in pulling her Breeding Paths is just that… Her CHOICE and I back her right to make that choice. I even agree with the argument that she raises and Support her in trying to get corrections made.


When I was in my 1st and second alliances, I had never even heard of Red’s Breeding Path. I was Blindly throwing money at the game to breed dragons at random.

Since I have moved to my current alliance, I was introduced to Red’s wonderful information and I have since started to clean up and take a more methodical approach to breeding. As Such, the money I throw at the game is now less because I am breeding smarter.

Keeping that in mind………

If Red continues to withhold the breeding paths from those that use them for optimizing their game play strategy, won’t that work FOR the developers since people will be once again blindly throwing money into breeding?


Smdh when’s the last time you checked the breeding path?

I know I just checked it before my last post…

Red taking down the paths was to get everyone talking about this major issue, now we’ve all gotten our voice.


If people haven’t heard of Red’s Breeding Paths by now they will soon. And of those people that have heard of and use the paths, 75% don’t even know about forum. This will make more people aware of what’s going on around them and realize that standing idly by and taking what is shoveled at them by PG is going to continue until enough people say that’s it, we have had enough. we need everyone’s voice heard, thank you Red!


Anyone who doesn’t realize that the paths are back up is…


I checked them yesterday.

I checked to see if they were back up before making my post and they were not.

The last time before that was probably a couple weeks ago since I knew a breeding event was coming and I haven’t had to breed anything while waiting for the event.

Not sure what the point is regarding how often I check them, but there’s your answer.

This is the site I use to view her path’s:

According to it, they are still down.


Umm read it again?
See those tabs on the bottom?
View them.


Did you click the tabs at the bottom? :roll_eyes:


a thousand pardons… I red what the base screen showed and didn’t see the tabs at the bottom. I am viewing them on a phone and quite honestly, never scrolled to the bottom to see them.

I’ll take my lumps for not scrolling.


Or do the breed paths enable further exploitation by not making the obstacles as obvious?


Maybe we should start a petition.


go to


The guides work because, just like drops, breeding outcomes are not random.

Just saying.




I totally stand behind Red’s actions I just finished apophet. 2 bloody breeding events for a dragon, I worked my arse off to get it down to 2 events.

I really hope those that follow get an easier run, and if they do hats off to them and good for them. It means the forums work, and PG does once in awhile listen to us.

I don’t want compensation for what I breed that is my choice. What I would like to see is a balance in the breeding of dragons.

I can’t say much about the tower construction times, as at the moment I’m not affected by it, but from what I’ve read it does seem very harsh.

PG please listen to the great minds from this game they can and will help you.

JUST take your fingers out of your ears and open your eyes.

I personally have seen several well established players who have held great knowledge and enjoyment for the game and share with the community, pack their bags and go. Surely this should be hitting the ‘OH CRAP’ radar.


@TheRedDelilah please put your breeding paths back up, they were the best for me in my opinion and I need your help! Thanks red, you rock!


It has been up since a few hours before the event was started


Been up since Wednesday. Click the tabs honey, lol.