Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


Since people didn’t know you could put my actual paths in your wiki. Paste the following code:

<iframe width="100%" height="300" src=""></iframe>

And it will look like this:


@TheRedDelilah this in game >??



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I love this. I wish I had seen it sooner.

I am confused a bit, though. I have a few dragons that I don’t have the parents listed. Does that part change, the parents?


Where can I find the listing that shows the most efficient ways to get extra eggs for builders hut? I saw it at one time but cant find it now. Thx!


They come along naturally with your breeding path. I STRONGLY suggest not breeding these extra for the builders hut. Otherwise:


As Red stated, don’t breed extra eggs just to upgrade your builder’s hut. It really is OK to sit at a level where you’re Hut capped for a Fortification event or two, and allow your natural breeding path to generate your hut eggs.


Is it normal to be really short on gold research eggs? I’m going to have to waste a lot of tokens to finish my gold research. I know where the best combinations are located, its still more tokens than I’d like to spend. :slight_smile:


Yes, gold research is simply very expensive. I’m saving mine for after Obsidian, when I’ll likely have a big level gap to cross before I can breed anything again. That’s also the time where the 5% extra construction discount will really start to have an impact.


Thats probably a good plan, but I just finished Platinum Tier, I’m a long way from obsidian. I want to research now. :slight_smile:


No you don’t :grin:

I just left platinum a few events ago, but there’s no way I’m delaying my breeding for a month for a few lousy 5% bonuses. The gold research has become cheaper, but it’s still 100k tokens or so.


Haha, good point. I concede.


Need Some advice on path choosing😁
Just got xenot to breeding and need to choose

X mafic R or X rhyo R

First gives obsidian sooner and costs 80k eggs less and eggs for my hut sooner

Rhyo path gives noctua sooner, harb a bit sooner


I’ve only been playing for 13 months or so, and I think I haven’t researched anything in 8 months. Delaying your breeding by spending tokens on research is just…unwise. Silly. Stupid even. Just my opinion.

That research tier came out before Sapphire dragons were a thing, so once people had bred all of Gold and Platinum, they didn’t have anything to spend egg tokens on. If I were to wager, I’d say that the majority of people who have started the game in the last, say year or so, are probably stopped at or in Gold research.

Again, I could be wrong. Happens all the time.


There are a couple really handy things to research in platinum IIRC (shadow healing and build time reduction I THINK - but I could be wrong).


I am currently pursuing the platinum construction bonus, there are others that could be considered helpful, flak tower and extra supershot but we’ll see if I go for those.

The Poison related ones are just ridiculous and should be swapped out IMO but I am looking at them as a means to an end.


I don’t doubt it. But in a cost-benefit analysis, is it worth 428,160 egg tokens to get those items, or is it more useful to use those tokens to…say…breed approximately 80% of the Sapphire tier (522,649 total)?

I am personally at a point where I have about 25% of the gold research done because that’s how many gold eggs I got while breeding platinum. I still need 173 gold eggs to finish it, which is 332,160 tokens. I won’t get that done until I’m at a point where I can’t breed because I’m level locked (so sub-300 and needing Harbinger).

This is definitely an “each to his/her own” scenario, but I personally value dragon progression much more than the research benefits I’m missing.


Especially since breeding has been scaled but the 300 wall remains, the construction time reduction would probably be wise. I think @Tinsir did an analysis on this a while back.

Also, it looks like your totals are for completion of the entire research tier, not just going straight to the construction time reduction (‘Diamond Tools’ in Gold) - although that’s an assumption based on the higher than I expected token requirement you stated.

That said - I have only completed through green, so I’m definitely not advocating it strongly, I just understand the rationale behind doing SOME of the higher research.

I definitely agree with you here though - to each, their own. Gotta love opportunity cost :smile:


You’re right in that the totals I posted were for the entire tier. Doing only what is necessary to get the construction bonus would be 60 gold eggs, for 115,200 egg tokens.

In regards to the 300 wall, would you say it is more advised to get the construction time reduction prior to hitting the wall, or just before/during that slog?

I’m saying that spending that number of egg tokens slows down dragon progression, at a point in time that doing so is detrimental to overall progress. If you’re going to get stopped in breeding progression by the 300 wall (meaning that you can’t breed the next higher tier until you level more), you may as well use that time to get this research done. At that point, at least you’re already in Obsidian; that (to me) is a more justifiable time to take a hit in dragon progression in the interest of helping base progression.


Depends on where a player is in that slog. If someone is neck deep in Sapphire - I think they should rock on breeding sapphires and get the construction bonus when they hit Obsidian (which is my plan).

If they’re anywhere before Sapphire, I personally think they should go ahead and get the construction bonus. It’ll pay dividends the very next fort event.