Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


Here’s another question to rile yall up: I’m about to entire Sapphire Tier. Trying to decide between Icicle 1 or 4. WHAT IF I did Icicle 1, but moved step 7 and 8 up to right after step 1? That would allow me to get Apophet sooner ( I don’t trust that I’ll be a good Hau flier ), and I don’t think it alters the token cost at all. Thoughts?

Edit: Additional info: yes incubator and breeding castle will be leveled up enough, and I don’t forsee a problem getting enough “bokens” :rofl:


I think the downside to doing that is that you’re delaying getting your first Garnet by 227k tokens. Plus side would be that you could breed two Garnets back to back once you do get to Garnet.

But I don’t see any other obvious detriments to doing that.


Ew, hadn’t thought about that, that would really hurt my Divine progress…


If you don’t think you’d be a good hau flyer, I’d recommend 4


Lutrus, you’ve seen my flying, what do you think? :rofl:


4 either way after discount imo. 2 breeds … only one extra breed


So I have a question (probably a dumb one lol) - So Quetz is bred by Scorchill and Sekhem and you need Quetz to get Iteru? So what this implies to me is that I’d have to breed Sapphire’s Scorchill and Sekhem THEN back breed and go get Quetz just so I can continue onward? Am I understanding that correctly because that seems odd.


Yes, it’s a backbreed. You’re getting Quetz for a significantly lower token cost than if you were to breed him with different/earlier parents. :t_rex:


Yes, before the cost reduction that went live, you were getting a 64k token dragon (quetz), for 12k because of the back breed. Now you get him for 9k.


alternately you could pay 64k tokens to get him before Sekhem. But you really don’t need him until just prior to Iteru so there is massive savings to get him at this time with those parents.

That as a whole is how these paths are set up :slight_smile:


This isn’t the updated sheet, it’s a screenshot :shushing_face:


Thank you all for clarifying!


I chose my platinum and gold breeding parents carefully to maximize gold egg production, and between gold and sapphire, whenever I needed a few points to my next event tier, I’d get a few gold eggs. Result as of yesterday: I needed 25 eggs to get to the platinum construction research. I ponied up the required 48k tokens because this is obviously worth it, especially with a big build coming in 6 weeks after getting Icicle in 4.

Assuming you’ve got green research + the Atlas construction rider, it’s about a 7.6% incremental reduction in your speedup

Unless you saved even more fragments than I did (unlikely), normal breeding in platinum and sapphire gets you close to 100 platinum eggs, so those aren’t an issue.

Generally speaking, I recommend balancing investment in progression resources for your immediate needs but to be conscious of upcoming shifts. When I was a sub-sapphire player with no Atlas access, I prioritized speedups over tokens, because those were the limiter of my progress, but I also hoarded fragments and was diligent about gathering then-unnecessary tokens, resulting in a ~500kish war chest ready when I started sapphire. Sapphire-emerald, I’m prioritizing tokens, but it’d be foolish to listen to all the higher level players complaining about the 300 wall and think, “not my problem.”

Since you can’t meaningfully grind speedups (beyond the cap of maxing every Atlas event, which I do), the best current way to prepare is to conserve speedups now, so that they’ll be available for use later. Since construction reduction benefits aren’t retroactive, it pays to get them ASAP. I finished green construction research circa level 43, and I was grateful for that when I climbed 70-84. I expect it’ll be a similar story here. (…when I heroically climb 300 to 306 instead of 304 in my first event. :confused: )


It depends what your bottleneck is. I was fairly low level so leveling dragons took significant time. Also I had plenty of tokes saved up so moving more token cost before garnet would not slow me down.

In the end I went

  • Event 1: Sekhem + Scorchill
  • Event 2: Quetz -> level fast -> Iteru + Anapa
  • Event 3: Hauheset + Apophet (this event)
  • Event 4: Frostbiter + Jul

This gives you a whole event to level each dragon, except for platinum Quetz. For low levels with a high amount of tokens like me I think this is a nice reshuffle of Icicle 1.


If you’re doing Icicle 1 but with Apophet first, you should seize the day and do Icicle 4; you’re already eating the downside of Icicle 4, so why not get the rewards, too?

The only benefit of Icicle 1 is that you get Hau faster. Icicle 4 is cheaper and gets you builder hut eggs sooner. Savings are smaller with the progression changes, but it’s still equivalent to more than the token value of another sapphire legendary.


And Frostbiter, who you don’t get at all on I4. :t_rex:


He’s a pretty marginal benefit, honestly. 99% of the time, a garnet divine hunter will be much better. If you need a cloak+C2D follow for those times when you are attempting to do Matrix moves with Hau versus someone overleveled but screw up near the end, Icicle 4 still gets you Gorgonus later on. Lower stats, but in the use case outlined, stats are unlikely to be very relevant.


Thanks. I came to the same conclusion myself. I’ll be going I4. :grin:


Agreed. I never had the need for C2D with Ember as a following option. Frostbiter was a disappointment for me.



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