Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


Achieved my first Garnet - Renard. THANK YOU @TheRedDelilah
You are awesome!


I tried searching but turns out there are a ton of references to Red’s paths so sorry if this has been asked before. Any chance of the hut/research eggs displayed on the Red’s best path tab? I know they are on the other tabs just wondering for ease when calculating tokens to different builder hut levels. Thank you again for your awesome guides Red.


They’re in the online link but not in the spreadsheet in Google Sheets itself. :t_rex:



Vladimir should be purple


I need some thoughts, where to go after Noctua
Thank you


Isn’t it listed?


It is definitely listed. All the way to the end.
I think it suggests you to another path from memory. Goes to oni.
The doctor


Its no more a link :confused: Why?


Here’s a working link:


ok thx but why does it not work anymore?


It works just fine. And even if it didn’t, who cares?


I too need advice as to where to go after Noctua. Specifically, which is better for long term progression, Mafic D or Mafic R? R is cheaper, but also results in one less Harbinger. Will that matter in the year or so that it will take me to level my base to level needed to breed Vanguards? Thanks, any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.