Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


OK, thanks! If you’ve got any breeding tips for me then message in game, please, thanks!


Follow Red’s guide and you will be just fine and enjoy all the sorcerers along the way.

I’m willing to bet in a few months you’ll be thinking “wow, can’t believe I didn’t like hunters!” (not the point, but just saying!)


I didn’t like hunters until gold. Then I reeeally liked hunters (always and forever whale!). Red’s path is the cheapest and strongest path to follow out there, so I would caution you (krampus) not to only limit yourself to sorcs :slight_smile:


Still 700k tokens away from noctua :smiley:


We have some players that save them for super sigil only. I’ve never heard of ruby for token missions as a strategy but team is very casual so…


For individuals, using rubies for token missions (if you have elite and the bonus) is SUPER useful. You can control your rate of dragon growth so easily with activity.


Thanks for the help!


Hi @TheRedDelilah. Noticed that the Gloomclaw paths were removed from your breeding file. Will those be put back or new ones posted? I was on Gloomclaw and was going to put a friend on it as well. As always, thanks for everything you do for us.


All my old paths are under the tab labeled as such. As more edits came out, I found Gloomclaw paths to become increasingly weak and expensive so I didn’t want to promote them.


Thank you Red for your hard work and time you spend teaching your tips and tricks to make my game play much more enjoyable. Keep it up! Also congratulations on your promotion to a forum Mod. (more work)!


Got it, thanks! Looks like I’ll review the remaining paths and transition over. Don’t want to stay on something weak! xoxo


I noticed Krysos is left off of this path, I was following another path that had it and that’s my next step. Is Krysos not worth the tokens, i.e. he sucks? And if so, does he still suck now that rejuvenate has been significantly upgraded with the recent balance changes?
Edit: my current path offers either Whale/consurgens or Krysos/consurgens, but either option still gets you all 3 dragons


Most warriors above Gold tier suck on defended bases. And Whale is best gold dragon, followed by Consurgens.


Expert Khrysos can easily be killed on a well designed and defended base around level 70. He is not worth it.


Typically, Warriors just don’t do as well as other dragons once you start climbing tiers.
That said, I’m a fan of fly the dragons you like to fly, and if you LOVE warriors, it may be worth it.

Red has some additional breeding paths (and I find hers to be the absolute bomb) on her website that have different options for gold tier that you may be interested in.


Even as a warrior goes, Khrysos is a bit pathetic. He has no shield of any kind…


I don’t necessarily have a favorite type, but I really didn’t care for any of the hunters in green tier except for possibly Urd, who I have yet to get. Danzig and Hugin proved to be much better than Ettin or Pandi IMO.


tbh most players coming from green and below like warriors and they only realize drawbacks of warriors in gold! So its correct for the love of warriors, but its still better to just backbreed them and have a bit of fun later.
@lee1230 you will be forced to learn hunters slowly! for me Ettin does way better than Danzig.


Everything I’ve heard is that hunters are the way to go in the higher tiers, I just wasn’t clear on what tier they started to outpace the other types.


In my opinion, they start getting stronger in green tier, with Ettin.