Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


@Luffy I was training Ettin and Danzig at the same time on the same xp base, and Danzig was able to walk right through it while Ettin still struggled even past breeding level. It might just be me, but I do fly all three types consistently.


Xp bases are terrible at judging true strength…just saying. And don’t bother with Urd. He is one of the worst hunters in the entire game.

What xp base were you using? Notxaxfarm?


Equip a couple of healing mark runes on him and do orange hunter ammo research. with an efficient use of cloak i destroy xphitme with 80% green health remaining but for Danzig i have to continuously use VT and have very small amount of green health remaining. So that means My ettin even heals much quicker than Danzig. Bit of cloak lessons should make your flying lot better.
Watch these videos for better understanding of hunter flying:


I know, but it’s my only side by side comparison I can make, since I don’t hit the same base multiple times unless it’s a farm lol. I was using xpHitMe, it’s a lvl 73 on xpfarmsloose1x. Just judging from the spell sets, I would think that Urd would be better than Ettin, can you explain why you think otherwise?


Cloak is infinitely times better than evasion.


Ettin’s spells destroy Urd’s + has a useful resist. Cloak is a top notch hunter spell. Evasion is awful. Havok is expensive.


Urd: Healing Mark, Evasion, Havoc, and Ballista resist

Ettin: Healing Mark, Cloak, Self destruct, and Cannon Resist

Urd’s only useful spell is healing mark. Just having cloak insantly makes Ettin win hands down


I can run through xphitme with Danzig and end with 90%+ health remaining, with him capped at 18, not boosted. And hes been doing that since lvl 12, maybe not with 90% green health, but still at least 50%. No offense meant, but is there a chance you just aren’t flying him very well?


Ok so I definitely haven’t been using cloak correctly this whole time haha


I think there’s a chance you’re not flying Ettin very well no offense.


i have 100% health ending with both dragons lol! I am being specific about green health because i am low on heal pots.


Here’s a tidbit. When you see projectiles coming at you in the air (from cannon, archer, fire turret, etc.) and you cloak while they’re in the air, they vanish, essentially dodging all those shots (provided there is no blue mage blocking your cast). Just practice


Level 15 Ettin runs through xphitme easily unboosted.


I am way behind on leveling him up.


I was also referring to green health, not total health. And you are correct, I have not been flying Ettin correctly! Specifically I haven’t been using cloak correctly, so thank you for those videos.


Glad you could get that straitened out! Hunters will serve you well as you level up…and cloak will become your favorite spell :smiling_imp:



hey was curious how long a new tier takes to path out? its my first time playing since a new one appeared jw not rushing purely curious.


About 20+ hours of straight work.


thanks these were super helpful!!