Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


Thank Red! Thank Red again! Thank Red 4189587 times for her cheapest path to obsidian before harbringer update!
And thank Red for Hunter guides!
We are just passing on info


Not sure if this has been answered but is there a version of this specific breeding path which goes to harbinger?


I won’t update this path to Harbinger until the entire tier has been released. Until then you can look at my master paths: Red’s Master Breeding Paths


off topic:
Can you give me advice regarding my breeding path Red?


I’m sorry, I’m not making custom paths right now. The community got greedy last event and I’m burned out. A little bit of research with combined with the dozens of breeding paths I’ve published and maintained for two years should give you more than a good starting point.


Alright. But it will get updated eventually?


Yep, but as she said:


Coolio. Not that I’m anywhere close to harbinger :joy:


Unless you are in Sapphire tier, it shouldn’t make any difference from my understanding.


Did cost of dragons increase? I remember deci was 190k and noctua was 143k. Now 200k and 155k. And can you please add research eggs to emerald-obsidian part. Especially for Deci step :smiley:


Cost has actually not increased. Only that calculations are more accurate now.


Hmm. I think the costs for individual breeds may have increased, but of corse breeding both harbinger and obsidian together will bring a net cheaper cost. (They added a new egg into the parents previously used for breeding obsidians which likely drove up costs)


Acually Luffy is 100% correct. If you look at my master tables they have a big blue note about this.

Reminder, any cost highlighted in BLUE is considered to be a more accurate cost than previously. Amoeba is now out of date, so if you want to compare these paths to others, ensure they are also using the BLUE costs.


I’m sorry it’s hard to view on my phone as you have some columns frozen.

I have some contraindicators with the token numbers you got. (I posted my data for shezard for example and we are over 20k tokens different)

I have no idea what mechanism is being used to track drop odds, or if the numbers have changed since I bred on the day of release. My numbers always matched up with amoebas pretty closely.


Turn your phone sideways - should help.

Honestly though, we cannot use Amoeba’s numbers anymore. He doesn’t have harbingers and doesn’t update it. We can’t choose to use these outdated numbers (regardless if they were correct or not) on some parts of the paths but different sources for Harbingers. I used the updated site by @Sandberg


I don’t know how amoeba calculates it but this is how i understand math works for finding out number of tokens

As i wrote there, its based on percentage and will vary from actual data by some percentage but that is how i think it can actually be found out. I don’t know how amoeba did it, maybe he got all the raw data from PG directly. But there are some discrepancies in some of his token numbers and my calculations which i believe have been followed by sandberg in his website as well.


Wasn’t suggesting we do, just that he had apparently some decent quality control with how he measured the odds.

I have no idea what kind of method is being used on the new site but being new I expect higher deviations.

My point was I have indicators that seemed to suggest otherwise. But I haven’t proven it. (I mostly was interested in harbingers, not already bred dragons)

I’ll pay closer attention on my next breed. It could be an error in my part. It just isn’t what I was expecting.


I’m just now working on updating my information and I’m absolutely shocked that no one, absolutely no one (not that I’ve seen) has said boo about the cost of Destar!!

Harbringer Legendaries are ranging from 175K to 194K but Destar is coming in at 305K. For a warrior? Mythic sure… but it’s still a warrior. Yuk!

Shame, shame PG. Shame, shame indeed! :disappointed:


How about Destar… he seems pretty good. Trying to decide to get him or wait for the rest of the Harbinger dragons to be released. Thoughts?


I have both Destar and Wydrian. They are both fantastic warriors. Either can solo many bases when maxed. As I’m sure level 65 towers are around the corner, you can expect a new balance soon.

I imagine morthill is also a decent warrior. (I don’t have him) Of corse you need to meet level requirements to get harbingers leveled. Destar specifically has a very high level requirement being a mythic.

If you love warriors, harbingers are a great place to be. That being said I enjoy flying neptus and estril more.

You shouldn’t discount the obsidian dragons though. I’m seeing expert leos and he’s doing far more than I would have expected.