Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian




Hi @TheRedDelilah and @Sandberg

I have mentioned my “Excelsheet” in another thread (of Sandberg). I thought that I would share it to you Red, so that you could complete your excellent guide with the “Extra Egg” informations on the newer tiers.
Also the droprates are not rounded in this file (just in for those peoples who are interessted like @Br0n)

:arrow_right: BreedingPairs.xlsx :arrow_left:

Hope that the file is self explaining :worried:
Just fill in the Dragon name in the first green field and it should display all breeding options for it. (you can choose the breeding pairs and display the extra eggs if you type in the breeding number in the second green field)
The data is based on Version 4.01, with no “inline updates” (eg, Kirin is missing). Hope that is accurate enough.

Thank you for all your hard work and excellent guide!


PS: I won’t be on the forum for the next week
PPS: You have to download the file and open it up in Excel, not Google Docs

Dragon Manager (Info Site)

I had a quick question, I noticed that the minimum level to breed Bander, Yersinu, and Pandi says 43. However I’m a level 51 and have two rare gold eggs but my incubator doesn’t create enough heat and I can’t upgrade it until 63 so does this mean I won’t be able to incubate gold until 63?


These are the minimum levels to breed, not hatch these dragons. You must be 63 to hatch golds.


Oh okay thank you!!


You are in good shape if you have eggs you cannot incubate yet. Good on ya!

I don’t know how many players I have seen on my teams that are over 200 and still in sapphire dragons.

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I am level 63 and am just about to hatch Yersinu. Got him last breed when I was a 56. I know the struggle but it is good to be where you are.


On a side note, I wonder when the title will be changed to
Red’s Best Breeding Path: Red-Harbringer


Obviously I don’t know but I can tell you it’ll be after all harbingers have been released.


As I’ve stated previously, I will not update my best path until the entire Harbinger tier is released. It would be a waste of my time to do so.


Then PG needs to get on the ball! Red’s waiting, damnit! :joy:


I see on the paths when it says ok to use mystic frags but I guess it’s hard to say to use to get the extra eggs needed for builder hut


I for instance bred Ursa this event, and it says that mystic frags are “okay to use” on the breeding chart for it. What I did was waited until AFTER the breed had completed the extra sapphire egg I needed for my builder’s hut. THEN I used mystic frags to complete Ursa.


I guess what I am trying to do is figure out best way to use 644 mystic frags. For instance I am currently on AA 3 path. My next dragon is Deci and says Okay to use. So I could technically use 550 to finish it but I find that not too smart.


If it was me, personally, I wouldn’t spend them all at once. I’d use them to finish off a dragon after getting all the extra eggs out of that breed that I could, especially since you’re past the full price sapphire breeds.


Seeing where you are, you don’t need any more sapphire eggs for builders hut. Deci gives one Garnet egg though, so you may want to consider if that is important to you. I would suggest probably not since Icicle will give you all the garnet eggs you need.

So, if I were you, yes I’d spend the frags on Deci unless you have spare tokens lying around…

Edit: the reason I believe Red puts “okay to use” instead of “good to use” is because frags are “worth” more tokens when used on Sapphire dragons. But since you’re past that point, I would read “okay to use” as “good to use” in your context.


Appreciate the responses just trying to get a good idea on best way to utilize them. I know for sure on Icicle is a no go cuz that’s where the extra are lying. Just so tempting to get that emerald too lol


Why is Red’s Icicle 1 path called “best breeding path?”
All I see so far is builder hut eggs earlier but the path is pricy compared to A+A 3 and Icicle 4


Icicle 1 gives you a good balance of strength and builders hut eggs. As far as cost:

Icicle 1: 2.48m
Icicle 4: 2.36m (120k less)
A&A 3: 2.38m (100k less)

They aren’t that different anymore. Icicle 1 is the most well rounded path for the normal player. I rarely recommend Icicle 4 and A&A will leave you with a weak base (better dragons) unless you’re super patient.


When u say weaker base is that just due to the timing of when u get the extra eggs


Yes. Without the builders hut eggs, you will be capped at a much lower max tower level, which means you’ll need to have a more even build vs a strong front build.