Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


When you say better dragons, what exactly do u mean?


Hau > Apophet
Frost = Frost
Zaru > Jul, Renard, or Ursa
A&A > Icicle
Deci < Ferga


Ok thanks for clarifying


I try avoid using Mythic Frags when breeding because it will hurt you when it comes to getting those extra eggs you need for building upgrades. Instead, I’ll use my Mythic Frags on backbreeding pairs and get extra eggs that way.


Not every pair gives good eggs. That is why my paths are marks with “poor to use” and such.

This is 100% the worst way to use mystic frags. Never use them on back breeds.


I agree with you that not every breeding pair is a good pair when it comes to generating extra eggs. Point of clarification on my note… Poor choice of words in hindsight, by backbreed I mean old dragons that are below my current tier… Regardless, I stand by the belief that Mythic Frags are certainly a “use with caution” item.

As an example… If you’re about to breed Stormheim using Pyrochis/Kryrule (also gets you Zaru and Pyrochis). By the numbers this is an okay dragon to use Mythic Frags on… If a player is being diligent with their breeding and base leveling they should be at a point where they need Emerald eggs. Therefore, the 12 Garnet eggs that you’d get from a Pyrochis/Kryule pairing is a moot point. Go ahead and drop those Mythic Frags right? Nope, if you do then you’d be missing out on an extra Emerald egg from the additional Pyrochis.

In this situation I would be to finish Stormheim using all egg tokens and get an extra Emerald egg along the way. Then use my Mythic Frags to finish off whatever is left of the Pyrochis so you end up getting two Emerald eggs.

Just my belief… take it for what you will.


One Egg, especially when it’s the first egg of the color doesn’t make much of a difference. I think you chose a bad example, especially when on my path (for which this topic is made), the very next step gives you 7 Emerald Eggs. “But wait, 7+1 = 8 which would be two builders hut levels!” Yes, but how many people really are going to need two builder hut levels in one fortification.

This path was optimized for both breeding and builders hut. If it is a choice between getting Stormheim (by using Fragments) or not getting Stormheim, I would rather get Stormheim. That is why my paths use the “poor to use” and “bad to use” wording for mystic frag advice if you will get extra eggs that breed. I will try to make it more clear.


I am fairly new to this game, level 55 and doing great with dragons check in, except I dont have Basileus, and forgive me for this dumb question: do I need him? I have parents for whale and cons and I am a little confused about my next steps. Thank you for your awesome research and work


My check in may not fit all paths (including my “best path”). You only need the dragons lists as parents along the path :grinning:


I got pretty far along a different path before I found this… so I’m working on garnet dragons now, but don’t have Anapa or any of the following dragons this guide uses. Is it work spending a few hundred k egg tokens to switch paths, or should I stay on the one I’m on now?


Which path are you currently on? If you have garnet dragons, you can easily backbreed anapa for 12.5k


I’m on the far right one, and working on Ursa right now. So not quite far enough to backbreed.


Just so you know, not only are those paths outdated, but gloom is both the most expensive and weakest path.


Yeah, I know that I definitely want to switch… just not sure the best way. Should I get to where I can backbreed Anapa, or do a full breed of him as soon as I finish Ursa?


Do you mind listing each sapphire+ dragon you have?



And will have Ursa after next breeding event


Get Ursa then Icicle 1 steps: 7-9, 12 and continue from there


Will do. Thanks!!


Also if you need some more information use:
because again Ameoba is outdated


Thanks for the guide! It’s helped me a ton, and I’ve been referring a lot of people to it. I’ve noticed two common issues they’ve run into and had similar problems myself, so I figured I’d mention them, along with the solution I’ve been recommending.

1.) Not enough early orange research eggs. There’s a lot of extremely good orange research (rage, construction upgrades, rage siphon, hunter energy), and assuming you keep your hall busy and progress reasonably quickly, you’ll start to run out of the orange eggs you get from normal breeding long before the guide tells you to get your source of cheap orange research eggs. (Ankor+Slynx.) Even waiting to get Ettin breedable will cause most players to have an idle research hall for a few weeks, which hurts early progression significantly.

2.) Use of legendaries for breeding is very efficient in both tokens and incubator time, but it’s pretty common for players in green tier to have significant amounts of tokens leftover during a breeding event after getting Ettin/Ith at step 16. Most of them won’t realistically be able to get the ~1.5m XP needed to get him breedable during the course of a 6-day event, so their progress halts unless they can figure out a workaround.

I think these two problems have a common solution, so here’s what I suggest:

Breed Ankor before Amarok via Jura+Viscus, then Slynx after Ankor via Ankor+Baldr. It costs 4100 more tokens this way than in the method currently in the guide, but the cost of having an idle research hall, or having to wait for rage/construction upgrades, is far greater. This also opens up a much easier same-cost workaround to progressing past Ettin. (Ith+Ankor also get you Nassus for 8200.)

Lastly, may I suggest adding an optional Enki step? He’s dirt cheap via Slynx+Pandi backbreed (average ~1160 tokens) and he’s situationally excellent.