Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


When I tested this path (the bottom half to Amarok) I had no problem with my hall of research at all keeping up. I could use clocks and still be okay I think. I’ll double check this. Perhaps the issue comes from people who don’t follow from step 1?

Having left over tokens especially in green is a good thing. This prepares players to work and save for their first big breed (100k in gold) rather than not being able to complete that breed. With the season dragons, the necessity of having a bunch of dragons is lessened by the need to progress most effectively and efficiently through the tiers.

Back breed Enki after you have Yersinu? What’s the need when one could get Ember?


Does anyone know what the general level ranges are for which tiers? I can see what the level requirements are to be able to breed for which dragons and that’s super helpful. I just want a better idea to know whether I’m above or behind the tier I should be for my level.



For the cloak. Just in case you didn’t completely disable the base.


I don’t think it’s just that. I was following your path from the very start with myself and an alt later; I think the other people I talked to probably weren’t.

For myself, I didn’t use speedups. I did beeline starting rage research, which is expensive (60 orange eggs). But the alt got blocked on research progression even before that point. If you’re progressing on a main research branch, my rough estimate is that you hit the orange part in ~7 days. I think it’s probably best to ignore the top branch until level 45+, so that’s about two weeks before you get blocked.

I suppose it could also be a matter of timing for when the first breeding event is relative to when the account starts; both the alt and the main did the Amarok breed about a month into the game. Maybe you were quicker?

Hm, I agree with all these points but don’t see how they relate to the problem I described; maybe I should rephrase. I think my issue is that the existing path creates an unnecessary progression dependency (effectively, a forced stop to breeding for the event, after Ettin) that slows down your breeding progression. If you take more than 3 months to go from your first post-40 breed to level 70, this pathing dependency doesn’t limit you, but otherwise it does. Progression at that point in the game is more level-bound than token-bound. (For reference, I went from 43 to 70 in two fort events, and I think after the Whale/Cons breed, I had ~100k in token equivalents leftover.)

Enki’s got cloak. For raids and PVPs, I used him to finish 180s with a green divine lead and 260s with an early gold divine lead, and I don’t think I’d have been able to do that with any other available dragon.


Is there a way to tweak the path to reduce the number of lineage dragons you need to level up to do the next breed? For example, the only cross in the entire guide that requires Consurgens is Consurgens+Ferrox=Mune. However, for just 1k egg tokens more, you can just use Whalegnawer+Ferrox=Mune, and never even have to spend time leveling Cons at all. Would this not be a fair trade off?


Good catch, but if you have both why not level both?


This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!!


because cons is not great, atleast for me personally


Ohh man i just wasted so many xp potions on cons yesterday which i never wanted to level. Damn it


I like cons. I like both actually they each have something different to offer.


I’m following the Red’s best path to the letter as well, and I also noticed there are not a lot of orange research eggs early on, though there are some coming later.

Looking at the steps:

  • Step 13 Amarok: 0 orange builder eggs
  • Step 14 Lucius: 0 orange builder eggs
  • Step 15 Gaspar/Garzev: 12 orange builder eggs
  • Step 16 Ith/Ettin: 0 orange builder eggs (27 green)
  • Step 17 Nassus: 25 orange builder eggs
  • Step 18 Danzig/Munin: 37 orange builder eggs

After that it’s all green or better. If I haven’t messed up my numbers that’s 74 orange eggs total. Exactly enough to finish your builder hut (8) and the three main research lines (3x22). If you want any of the side branches you’ll have to get extra eggs with a backbreed.

Also they come fairly late, at least for me. After getting all blue eggs around level 25 all but 12 of the orange eggs are gated behind getting to level 40, breeding Ettin, slamming 1.7m xp into him, and breeding on. For me at least that takes a fair while longer than it takes to do all the blue research I want.

I don’t mind having my research idle for a month or so, I think it’s a good trade off vs breeding efficiency. And I’d rather backbreed orange eggs than blue or green.


Thanks for the detailed analysis!

But…it’s just 4100 tokens of inefficiency. :slight_smile: With an earlier Ankor/Slynx breed, you can get orange and then green construction upgrades sooner, making all the speedups you spend go ~12% further during that time, you get rage research, you get hunter energy research. It’s technically a trade-off, but I’d consider that a bargain at ten times the price. (Don’t get any ideas, PG!)


Sorry, I hadn’t fully read your original post. I do agree that things like the construction discount are probably worth having a 4k token detour. Unfortunately it’s a bit late for me, getting Ettin later today already so I might as well stick with it.

Also I think you can save those 4k again by using Slynx + Danzig for Bronze (547), instead of Slynx + Hydron (4100).

I have to agree about Enki too, he’s great for those resource runs where there are still some nasty flaks standing after a hunter pass, but all you need to do is cloak past and death gaze a few farms to get your 70%.


1.5M XP is doable. You just have to grind them out and use 100% or 200% XP addition spells. I remember doing 50 runs on Amarok back in the day (before the addition spells) in one night. Just have to decide you want it and make the decision to be dedicated.

I have to put 34M on one dragon to be able to use most of my tokens this event and will have it done in 2 days (only a level 237). So that should not be an issue for a dedicated player. If you’re not dedicated there is always xp potions or rubies.


I guess that’s kind of the equivalent to “I had to walk 5 miles up hill both ways in 4 feet of snow to get to school when I was your age” LOL.


Right. :slight_smile: So, my second breeding event, about 5 weeks in, I finished Amarok and got him breedable, and also got Gaspar, Garzev, Ith, Ettin, Nassus, Danzig, and Munin. Adding in a 1.47m xp hurdle at ~3k xp per run felt like a bridge too far.


Less than 24 hours and I have already put the 34 M XP needed on ferga and used the rest of my tokens. If in 2 months you already had bread the green legendaries you must have been spending. In which case what do you care just gem the shit.


I was just comparing where I am in relation to your Dragon Check-In and your breeding path. I noticed one thing almost immediately, your path doesn’t have you breed Hugin quickly. I am otherwise on track, but I just don’t have Hugin at all and don’t even have his parents to breed him.


Hey Folks,

i need some Help with the “Detailed Chart” Specially with the Mystic Fragments.
I just dont get why there are Dragons which there are Poor or Good to Use at. Whats the meaning of this?
Maybe someone can explain that to me?