Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


What are you not understanding?


Usually the “poor” means that you will get additional eggs for your builder’s hut on this step, so using mystic frags can cheat you of those needed eggs. The DO NOT USE means this is a backbreed and you should not waste your precious mystic frags. Okay and good to use are fairly self explanitory.

Edit: I would save the majority of your mystic frags to see you through the beginning of the sapphire wall. It’s really hard to get the needed tokens and it can set your breeding back months unless you decide to breed outside an event. I bred my first three sapphires in one event each because I had saved up enough mystics to finish their eggs off after I ran out of breeding tokens.


Poor also means you save less eggs on this step than you would on other steps.


Did not know that lol. But I’m in the sapphire+ breeding paths :laughing: those breeds are expensive as all get out anyway, unless they are backbreeds :joy:


No, I’ve only ever spent on elite, aside from some red envelopes I bought for other people. I just planned carefully. I’m a weird case, but I set up a lot of other F2P/E2P people with this guide, and a decent number of them got stuck with significant numbers of banked tokens after the Ettin/Ith breed.


There are extremely cheap research combos for eggs. Why build in expensive, unnecessary breeds that you don’t need, when you can just use the research combos to get the eggs you need?


It’s quite inexpensive (adds 500 tokens total), and it is necessary (dragons are already on the path, just delayed two tiers). It lets you get good research months sooner, which will make you fight better, save months of speedups, and has no real costs or drawbacks.


follow the chart and get whatever dragons you have in the options given. if you don’t have hugin in path, just ignore. that sheet is made for reference of players at any level and irrespective of path you choose or no path at all.


Hey Liz :slight_smile:

First of all thanks a lot for the reply. I´d never spent any Frags until yesterday on Sekhem. I also breed Anapa and Sekhem in one Event.
But as i said i never spend them before. And i still quite dont get it …
When using Frags u get “extra Eggs” for the research? Is that something that happens in the Background?
Honestly my intention was to spend the frags on Apophet… but according to that List this is not a good option, so i spend them now on on Sekhem.

Thx 4 ur advice :slight_smile:


You do NOT get “extra eggs” (for builder’s hut or research) when you use mystic fragments.

The “extra” eggs come from using regular breeding tokens when you are breeding a particular dragon but keep completing eggs for dragons you already own. Hence they become extra


@FLAKnIceHole has the right answer :slight_smile:


Red has a spreadsheet that shows how much each fragment of a tier drag is worth.
For example, saph legendaries frags are worth 250 egg tokens. So if you have 100 mythic frags, you’re saving 25k tokens on that dragon.
Saph mythics frags are worth 195 tokens, so if you spent 100 mythic frags on a mythic, then you would only save 19.5k tokens.
Therefore, the optimal way is to spend the frags on the saph legendaries and use the saved tokens on the mythics.


Thnks. I guess that was the answer that i needed to get it :smiley:
Thx to all of u :slight_smile:


Thank you, i wasnt aware of the tier difference


Here’s the spreadsheet Lutrus mentioned. The numbers don’t inhere to the dragons of the tier; they’re based on the inverse probability of a single egg fragment, using the logical parents, being of the dragon of the desired type. The formula for the value of a fragment is:

1/(probabilityOfFragment) * 20

So, if the most common parents for a breed have a 10% chance per fragment bred of giving you a dragon of the type you were trying to get, it’s (1/0.10) * 20 = 200 tokens. It’s not just higher tier = awesomer fragment value. The highest token value per fragment on Red’s path is actually in orange tier. (Amarok, 400 tokens, because the breed has a 5% of yielding an Amarok fragment.)


The sapphire wall is kind of misleading cause after sapphire, the dragons don’t get any cheaper. So fragments should be saved for what’s on the other side of the wall too. :cold_sweat:


But the “value” of a frag is highest at legendary sapphire. So that’s the “best” place to use them


Really? I thought there were some higher up that were good to use too. :thinking:


By higher up you mean higher tiers?


As you can see above, sapphire legendary is most value from sapphire onwards.

Gold and platinum is slightly misleading since quite a lot of them are double breeds so you actually need to halve the value. The table above shows single breed values only.


You mean the best bang was blue epics? :face_with_monocle: