Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian


Again those are all multiple breed capable so I’d only really use frags from sapphire onwards when it’s almost always single breed


Really the best bang for your buck in the game is probably amarok. Costs 24k tokens, 60 frags so each frag is worth 400 tokens. Breeds solo and not in required pairs.

He is one of the best dragons to get as early as you can, and he doesn’t breed with anybody else important that i can think of that you need immediately.


Only thing is with divines nowadays amarok has lost quite a bit of relevance so it’s still probably better to wait for sapphire and skip amarok (maybe)


Whatever man, his cure poison has a 12% heal now, which is 4 times what he had. My alt was excited to get him this event :smiley:
But you’re prolly right once I hit flak levels.


True. Don’t get me wrong I love Amy just that he’s less relevant now than he was before, and looking ahead to the sapphire wall 24k tokens come in handy! :joy:


Only reason to not use too many frags on Amarok is that you also kinda need those blue research eggs, so you may end up spending the tokens afterwards anyway.


As a fairly new player, I must disagree with you, if you get Amarok as early as possible in the game he is precious. Winter season was my first ever, I got Leos a d Equestor and now I am level 70, having them all maxed for my den level Amarok still stronger than divines I got, but not stronger than my green legendary. True, flaks destroy him easily but that is an issue with all the warriors I have. I have no idea if and when will i reach sapphire, but I doubt I will regret having spent on Amarok. He truly made this game fun for me


He’s great for sure. I’m just saying that since he doesn’t breed anything else he’s a dead end token wise. And tokens are precious. His skill set can be replicated in other divines.


He actually can breed other dragons, on my mini I’m following Red’s Best from the start and it uses Amarok as part of the breeding. Got the egg before it can hatch, and he’s been massively more useful than on my main who got him very late.


Hi. Can’t find the cost on Hedran. If the output through Mafic + Lumina = Hedran, Wydrian.

#172 doesn’t list that parent combination for Hedran, are you sure it exists?


This was an error I thought I fixed on all my charts. I’ll fix em again


Yeah, Baldr (87% chance of a fragment on Red’s breed for Amarok) is also the cheapest blue research egg you can get (5 frags/egg), so the breed has very little waste if done purely with tokens. Similar issues exist with Ettin: in theory, a 7% single breed (after you get Ith) is a great time to spend mystic fragments, but the byproducts of the breed are maximally cheap green eggs. Mune gets you some maximally cheap gold eggs. Danzig/Munin and Whale/Cons are bred in pairs, so for everything but the last few fragments after you finish breeding one normally, they’re not great mystic fragment options.

On Red’s path, Yersinu is the only clearly good mystic fragment choice before sapphire legendaries because his byproducts are high fragment count (=bad) green eggs that you already have, after you finish Pandi.


You will end up using frags for next prize in event here and there anyway :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m currently level 102. Got Rizar yesterday, and Kaiju is on the Incubator. I’ve been following this guide perfectly since I was level 50. And wow, the benefits are extreme. I took out a level 201 non xp base today with my platinum equestor (yes it was boosted, but only with attack and hp boost). I have better dragons than people in my team who is 150, they don’t have platinum divines yet.

I just wanted to say thank you Red, for pulling out this kind of effort. Well done.


I’m following your icicle 3 path currently, at the point of breeding hauheset, and I noticed that renard and jul gives hau AND mehaten. Is there an update that needs to be made to these paths to account for new backbreeds? I don’t know if there are any more than this, but thought I’d point it out anyway.


Hi love - yes that’s true, but Hau is the back breed, Meh would be full cost.


Gotcha, just got jul, so I hadn’t actually begun the breed with that pair. Thanks for the quick response


Just wanna say @TheRedDelilah, I love the flexibility in your paths. I was going to go on Icicle 1 with my alt, but decided to change to Icicle 4 as it gets my base stronger faster. I don’t play it much so dragons mean less on that account. I already got Hau on my main :facepunch:


I’d recommend Icicle 4 for an alt any day of the week :+1: