Reds Breeding Question: NORM vs. SUB 400 Vanguard/Emp

I’m about to hit 280 and start on Harbinger so I started looking at Red’s to plan out the next few months (like any good WD minion should).

Can anyone explain why someone would use a SUB 400 Vanguard/Emp path? Its an extra 700K tokens and no mythic. What am I missing?


I think it was back when people got way ahead in breeding at those levels (although I’m not certain). As long as you keep rising in levels though you can easily use the normal path which will help you more.

At 280 you can get Rajin which can give you Sanguis at 280, too which you won’t be able to hatch before 360 but he can give you precious hut eggs for 3 harb hut levels


Thanks. Good tip.

thats exactly what i did i went from lvl 280 to 335. Today I made it to 350. Sanguis and Balahm still awaits

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The only reason I would go for the SUB 400 path is because you can breed Oni before reaching lvl 400

This is a slightly dated part of the paths. It used to be a very common problem, especially, before the xp per level from 300 - 400 was amended.

This is what you will hear some people refer to as the “300 wall”.

If you feel your levelling and breeding will remain in synch with eachother through your 300s and into your 400s, you will not need to pay special attention to these paths and can use the regular ones.


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