Reds Breeding Question Vanguard/Emp

Next breeding event I will finish Oni and work on Evakhet but then to complete Capulos it says I need Altimorak but I don’t see where it says I need to breed Alti. Do I need to go back and breed Alti somewhere to complete this path?

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I would recommend reaching out to red in a pm or in game. I just looked at the path online and I’m not sure if it’s an error or if you should have gotten it as a backbreed somewhere. If it’s an error I’m sure she will correct the path.

You get Altimorak during the Evakhet breed.

Whenever im unsure where the backbreed or extra breed is, I use the “All Sapphire-Empyrean Options” tab. This helps to see if it just wasn’t added or if its acutally missing.

Altimorak - Oni Sanguis 19,445

I once thought there was a problem with the breeding path I was following… turns out I was gravely mistaken and Red had just not listed where I got an extra dragon from on my particular path (although she did call it out for the same breed in the path above mine :sweat_smile:)

I felt foolish for questioning her absolute genius when it comes to breeding paths :sweat_smile::rofl::see_no_evil:

was that Redrian? If so, I was guilty of that too… :flushed:

I think it was Redrian :sweat_smile: (Since I was on Rajin J2… now I’m on Rajin J2L)

Haha this is why I took the easy answer of just ask red. I’m just starting vanguard so I couldn’t speak from personal experience and I’m on a different path of hers from op.

Awesome. Thank you. Glad I didn’t mess up.

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