Red's Master Breeding Paths - Updated for Artisan + Earlier Tiers (to some extent)

This has been superseded by Breeding path list - Neon War Dragons

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Here’s an update for Red’s Master Breeding Paths (

Q: Didn’t Red say that no one should be updating them, OMG H4X? :thinking:

  • I’m the “someone else” mentioned in her farewell letter; and yes, I already have permission multiple times over. I have direct edit access to the original Sheets file.

Q: Why hasn’t it been updated until now?

  • There hasn’t been a huge need for it with the paths being drastically simplified and logically structured through Red’s work with PG.
  • Breeding paths are also oddly deeply sentimental (not really a big feelings person typically) to me, as they were always her specialty, and she has an incredible mind for breeding paths, rarely needing to reference things, despite the massive mess early on. Though I could/can figure them out, it was always easier/more amusing to go “Red, save me :sob:
  • Though Red left the game eight months ago, it just brings an extra sense of finality to it, I suppose :thinking:, as illogical as that sounds. The game has lost too many brilliant minds and fun people. :green_heart: my team

If there are errors, let me know. Also, I included the gamble that I’m doing this tier at the bottom. Maybe I should remove it, though. :woman_shrugging:

Also, I know that there are missing eggs in some sections; I’ll go back to do those at some later point. They’re not all that important to plan, as the pace of PG’s research is behind.

Edit: Also, I know that earlier sheets weren’t updated with discounted costs. If I go back for those, I’ll be redoing that column with formulas to make things easier to update. (Now updated for Sapph+ as of March 2021.)


Ooh so it was you all along!
Well now that it’s been updated, thank you very much for putting time and effort into this. :smiley: :smiley:


@forScience what would be the updated link for wiki publishing?

It remains the same :slight_smile: , so if it was already there, no changes; otherwise, just grab the link from the file. Or, if something looks off, screenshot :slight_smile: ; you sometimes have to leave and go back into wiki if it’s black.


Red’s Master Breeding Paths
<iframe width="100%" height="500" src=""></iframe>


Awesome, thanks so much! :heart_eyes_cat:

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#ForSciForPresident :green_heart:


This is great! Thanks, Sci! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Oh how I feel ‘‘probably dumb experimental gamble’’

… because last breeding I was doing half asleep and used frags on Lupin … and …

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@forScience thank you so much for the update.

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This is fantastic. Thanks Sci! :green_heart:


Thank you for your time and effort.

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Thank you so much! This is awesome

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very much appreciated. community owes you and red. thanks.


The latest discounts aren’t applied :thinking:

is it ok or not to use egg fragments on medusys?

@forScience I think in Balor L, the final breed for Lupin, should be Rozaeus and Montague


Probably better to use on the legendaries than the mythics.


This method from Napk1n is more universal for adding links into your wiki.
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What time breeding started? PST?

It’s not a link, it’s the sheet embedded in an iframe.