Red's Master Breeding Paths - Updated for Artisan + Earlier Tiers (to some extent)



Note: The game currently incorrectly redirects Caligos to Asuri pairing, so select the parents manually. I also added a line to the sheet as well.

  • Lupin x Montague or
  • Hel x Ikti

Thank you for your hard work. :slight_smile:


I saw that line you added in the excel sheet, but my game didn’t redirect to asuri. Probably because I don’t have asuri yet. Just got verdant mythic lupin today.

FYI :pray:

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:thinking: ty, seems to be fine now, though I’m not sure if it’s different for someone who doesn’t have either of them (already have Asuri but not Caligos)

I was looking at revamping at least Sapphire through Empyrean to update costs, but Obsidian through Empyrean also have the most options (14-16).

The reality is, most dragons in these tiers are irrelevant in the current state of the game, past powering divines, and people are better off traversing them as quickly as possible. So, that leaves these options. The note for hunter paths is that I’d be picking earlier Hauheset and Noctua for those paths.

Other options would still be accessible via showing hidden sheets.

  • Pick the cheapest paths and update the costs.
  • Pick the paths with the least steps and update the costs.
  • I care about options more than updated costs.
  • Something else.

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oh ffs, least should be fewest :woman_facepalming:


will you take into account eggs needed for builder hut and zeppelin? (research is different beast all together and will need going back at a later date anyhow)

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Those haven’t changed, you still get the same amount of secondary eggs as before, just the cost has changed.


I’m at end game so didn’t vote, but wanted to say thank you for taking this on.

When I was breeding my way up this information was the most valuable tool for traversing tiers. There are different ways to move forward in this game, I chose breeding to drive my progression and never regretted it. This tool allowed me to succeed and meet my goals.

I thanked Red many times before she left the game. Now I want to thank you for all the players coming up behind me. :green_heart:


Since the updated costs won’t change what I choose to breed, as I focus on getting builder hut eggs at earliest opportunity, I appreciate the offer to update but kinda don’t care.
I can always use instantbreed to see the cost of the immediate next, and compare it to the path, and get kinda a sense of cost of next few 🥸
Or am I missing something?

It’s less necessary than before with Morr’s Neon and others (Dragon Manager and amoeba before that), significantly decreased costs, easier access to tokens, instant breed (not announced until Jan. 2020 - couldn’t even see cost in-game before then :exploding_head:), etc. which is also why I haven’t been in a huge rush to do some of these updates :sweat_smile:, but the overhaul will make it easier to do them anyway.

Some people also like to plan well in advance (used to plan out steps/which days I’d have dragons leveled by to save the most speedups when breeding multiple), so it’d help save some steps to rebuilding it out.


100% in agreement with you. Thank you @Morreion for having took over and the amazing job you do for the whole community :heart:

Hey! On the added page for Verdant-Arcanum, the cost of step 6 is not carried in the running total, since step 7 price references step 5, too. At least in the linked version.

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fixed :woman_facepalming:, ty


Thank you for all the work on this


Huge shoutout again, as always, to Morr for Neon:


  • Van-Emp have been slimmed down to three paths, while retaining an abridged historical index, Compact Path Listing, at the bottom with the selected three highlighted, along with mythic dragons, cost, and number of steps. The full historical version is still available as-is as Van-Emp Archive (scroll further right, after Verdant-Arcanum, will be hidden eventually) or unhide the rows in the current Van-Emp.
    • Not all offspring were pulled in from Neon, yet; it’ll be done later, even though it wouldn’t take much time, as they’re not relevant anyway :rofl:.
  • Abyssal-Eldritch got updated (costs, filling in gaps). Verdant-Arcanum didn’t change, yet.
  • Sapph-Emerald got linked and totals at the bottom of each path section; no other updates were made for now.
  • Gold-Plat got linked and had section costs added. Sek/Khrysos 1 moved to the top for being cheapest/shortest at 24.7K (originally 324K :exploding_head:) and six steps. No other changes for now.


  • Obs-Harb cleanup to be in-line with Van-Emp… sometime, starting on it today :thinking:

Obs-Harb done now too.


Spamming the shit out of this thread today, I guess, but added prelim rough notes for Artisan tier and path so far (not adding costs until actually live).


Updated for Artisan, though note that these are currently more expensive than originally stated on stream (always previews and all) at 2025 frags from 1875 frags.


Return to 1875 is live and updated from Gal’s post