Red's Master Breeding Paths - Updated for Artisan + Earlier Tiers (to some extent)

what is that graphing? i hope its not egg credits needed. i’m at empyrean now. seems like I might be in for alot of pain soon.

It’s for egg fragments count in each tier


Those are fragments needed. The bad news is that token cost per fragment also goes up per tier as the discounts go down, so the graph for egg tokens would be even steeper…


They just do tier base discounts pretty badly
Wish they reduce the percentage of fragments needed rather than egg token need for a dragon so egg fragments value stay 200 at all tier


Decided that earlier tiers really didn’t need a revamp, so went lazyway.

  • Sapph-Emerald
  • Obs-Harb
  • Van-Emp

Even earlier tiers will need some more looking into, as those are where breeding was in an even messier state (few iterations of messy until things stabilized), as true base costs there weren’t well-established back then.


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  • Fixed Eldritch Mythics cost (ty GriffenOfDeath) + a few spots in Van-Emp (was filling in some gaps and skipped over on review)

What changes did you do for Eldritch Mythics? My next is Garnath but I can’t see any change in token cost, it is still 495000!

495k is correct, so that was probably already up to date:


Ah great, thanks. So I should be thinking twice about spending egg frags at lower levels as well. Sounds like they may be more valuable later on,

Correct. Basically for all higher tiers (sapphire+) a fragment is worth about 200 tokens worth of breeding, but because earlier tiers get discounted the actual token cost is lower, so the fragment is worth less.

As you can see for example, there’s a 25% discount for empyrean, so for any dragon with empyrean parents the actual value of a fragment is 150 tokens.

You don’t need to save all your fragments until end tier, making good progress through the breeding path is important too, but they do get more valuable later on.


Woah, didn’t realize costs skyrocketed that much! Now I understand why people were saying the Abyssal costs were too high when that tier was released.


tl;dr - Basically what Morr wrote, if it’d halt progress, use them, especially if you have multiple thousands, just don’t spend them all early on and then be in a pinch later.

If you hoard frags from beginning to end, you’d end up with way too many, so in cases where you may be a little short on tokens but want that extra little boost (or want to take a break from grinding), it doesn’t hurt to use them. :slight_smile: Just that I also wanted to make it obvious that it really doesn’t pay off well vs later tiers.

It’ll get converted over to showing how much later on but figured at least an update was long overdue vs having it wait even longer :rofl:. I did update to include some lighter wording in the header, though, as guides are really just bits of info to use where applicable.

It also gets more complex depending upon where people are with hut/research eggs.




Note: The game currently incorrectly redirects Caligos to Asuri pairing, so select the parents manually. I also added a line to the sheet as well.

  • Lupin x Montague or
  • Hel x Ikti

Thank you for your hard work. :slight_smile:


I saw that line you added in the excel sheet, but my game didn’t redirect to asuri. Probably because I don’t have asuri yet. Just got verdant mythic lupin today.

FYI :pray:

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:thinking: ty, seems to be fine now, though I’m not sure if it’s different for someone who doesn’t have either of them (already have Asuri but not Caligos)

I was looking at revamping at least Sapphire through Empyrean to update costs, but Obsidian through Empyrean also have the most options (14-16).

The reality is, most dragons in these tiers are irrelevant in the current state of the game, past powering divines, and people are better off traversing them as quickly as possible. So, that leaves these options. The note for hunter paths is that I’d be picking earlier Hauheset and Noctua for those paths.

Other options would still be accessible via showing hidden sheets.

  • Pick the cheapest paths and update the costs.
  • Pick the paths with the least steps and update the costs.
  • I care about options more than updated costs.
  • Something else.

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oh ffs, least should be fewest :woman_facepalming:


will you take into account eggs needed for builder hut and zeppelin? (research is different beast all together and will need going back at a later date anyhow)

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Those haven’t changed, you still get the same amount of secondary eggs as before, just the cost has changed.