Red's Master Breeding Paths


I have all emeralds expect nier and xenot. My only obsidian is noctua. Looks like I need archimera for breeding rhyo and then lokan. My question is why should i breed nier (220k) in order to breed archimera instead of breeding lumina(140k) and using lumina noctua as parents?


Agree, don’t think you need Nier for archimera: Noctua + Lumina = Archimera.
It seems like there won’t be huge differences between picking different mythic.

[Like the following will lead to Rajin with 1.45m after obsidian. The amount of tokens is similar to the red’s path for Destar.

Noctua = Deci + Stormheim (143,500)
Lumina (A & A) = Kyrule + Stormheim (140,000)
Archimera = Noctua + Lumina (140,000)
Rhyo (Marianas, Xenot) = Noctua + Archimera (225,500)
Lokan (Wraith) = Rhyo + Archimera (175,000)
Opes = Rhyo + Noctua (175,000)
Estril = Opes + Lokan (175,000)
Rajin (Morthil) = Opes + Estril (275,000)
Let’s see what red will do.


That’s what i did then instead of breeding mafic to back breed hedran ill just breed him with xenot and slax


Why buy lokan straight up for 175k when you can back breed him for 19k?


Hey boo - I am still working on breeding paths, but if you want to check what I am working on, checking my “Red is fucking around with breeding paths” tab to see if one of my working paths works for you.


Trying to get to Destar first before other Mythics, without spending full amount for Girasol. Currently breeding Estril. Any advice?


Not nearly enough information for me to go on, love.


:see_no_evil: Have all Obsidian drags except Girasol. Estril is my first Harb.



Offspring Parent Parent Cost
Wydrian Mafic Lumina 175,000
Girasol Wydrian Estril 24,445
Shezard Girasol Wraith 194,445
Destar Shezard Wydrian 281,875

Or you could just go for Rajin first…

Offspring Parent Parent Cost
Opes Rhyo Noctua 175,000
Rajin, Morthil Opes Estril 275,000
Lokan Rajin Estril 19,445
Keth Lokan Morthil 275,000
Shezard Rajin Opes 19,445
Wydrian Keth Morthil 19,445
Destar Shezard Wydrian 281,875

I mean, thats only 4 full cost breeds…unless I fucked up cause I have been staring at this for HOURS


are the red-green paths on your wixsite still available anywhere?


Before I pull them down, they will all transfer to my master paths. Currently on the master paths we have Cheapest: Red-Harbinger and I will transfer my Best there too.


Maybe put your path here?

To my understanding, to unlock the next tier, one have to either get:

  1. 3 legendaries + 1 mythic with full prize;
  2. 2 legendaries + 1 extra mythic in lower tier + 1 mythic with full prize;
    So there are indeed lots of backbreed for a specific dragon (nearly all obsidian/harbinger can be backbreed once you unlock 1 mythic). But the minimum amount of tokens won’t be lower than the costs of 3L+1M. (PG will very likely remove a specific backbreed if there is a short-cut, ^-^).

The path I posted is for players who just step in obsidian and lower. If you already have nearly all obsidian and some harbingers, that’s definitely not suitable for you (like what red’s posted: if you already have Estril, you definitely don’t need pay full price for Lokan.)


Photo removed.
And add lokan after rajin for 19k


Hedran is required with full price 143,500, and back breed Lokan cost around 19,000, so generally no huge differences with directly breed Lokan with 175,000.
It’s around 10k differences, but skip Hedran will unlock the second harbinger 1 step faster, it’s kinds of trade-off.


Fair enough :thinking:


That’s what I’m expected, PG don’t allow us to have short-cut in breeding…Too bad



Hedran is a BB when breeding Lumina with Mafic and Noctua as parents. No required to breed full tokens


That works for your case where you have almost all the obsidians, yes.


Hey Red,
I couldn’t find the Pre-Green paths mentioned here in the sheet or the Old paths tab.

Were they moved to another place? Or am I just blind and missed them? I’m breaking into Green and would like to start following the updated paths. fyi I’ve been following the old sheet up till this point.

Thanks for any replies. :slight_smile:
And thank you very much for all your hard work. It is incredibly helpful to new players such as myself.


@TheRedDelilah hi in ur red to harbinger cheapest path what’s pros and cons ?
One more question if I follow that path, do I get enough eggs for builders hut and research ?