Red's Master Breeding Paths


Pre-Green is still on the Rulith Website and hasn’t been transferred over yet.

The best breeding path is fine to follow - I’ll update t when I’m ready this week.

I archived my old paths because people shouldn’t be following them. Following my Best Breeding Path is honestly a great choice.

Pros: cost, speed
Cons: weak AF, 95% reliant on Divines until endgame. About all lineage will suck


Thank you for the clarification. I got till Danzig and Munin today from the best breeding list and transitioned over to the Whale/Cons 3 path from the Gold-Platinum tab in the updated sheet. :slight_smile:

Once I get Danzig breedable (1.4million :sweat_smile: about 250 runs), I’ll start here and move forward.


Red what’s the answer ? And thanks

AF means ? :see_no_evil:


I’m assuming it means “as (vulgar swear word that begins with the letter F)”. So “weak as F”


Thanks for your tireless and meticulous work, Red. Just reading your charts makes my head spin — I can scarcely imagine researching and organizing them. You and Sandberg have stepped into Amoeba’s shoes ably and energetically, to the benefit of many.

So here’s my querry: One of my accounts can finally move into Harbinger with the release of Lokan and Opes, who are available for me to breed now. I haven’t seen a path in your charts yet using them to breed Estril, and moving forward from there. I already have Wraith, Noctua, Lumina, Rhyo, Marianas and Archimera hatched and breedable.

What are your thoughts on breeding Lokan followed by Opes, using them as parents for Estril, then finishing Mafic with Marianas and Wraith as parents next (I’m actually already 150 frags into Mafic becasue I didn’t see that Lokan and Opes had opened up until Rhyo became breedable, since they were just released), and then backbreeding Hedran with Mafic+Rhyo, followed by Wydrian, Girasol, Rajin (byproduct Morthil), and finally Shezard and Destar?

I want to move into Harbinger asap to level my seasonals, and being a hunter player Lokan would be my strong preference. Just wondering whether you see any immediate token-busting flaws in this path before I commit to it, or if you can see any ways to improve it that don’t delay breeding a harbinger dragon as my next step?

And sincere congrats on the fruits of your labor: the chart (document? site? page? I really don’t know what to call such a sprawling multi-faceted beast of a resource. A chimera, maybe? Or a dragon?) really is quite an impressive accomplishment, and a generous contribution to the WD community. :wink:


I’m currently in and out of consciousness (I have the flu) so I want to answer this when I am a little more lucid. If I don’t reply back within 12 hours, tag me again. :heart::heart::heart:


Get well soon :hugs:


It is the flu season all around I guess. Get plenty of rest and get better soon. We all love you Red. :heart:


Take care of yourself, rest up. Health before dragons! I hope you feel better soon. :face_with_thermometer:


Get well soon


So this is the path I have that I think follows what you’re asking:

Offspring Parent Parent Cost
Lokan (Wraith) Rhyo Archimera 175,000
Opes Rhyo Noctua 175,000
Estril (Lumina) Opes Lokan 175,000
Rajin (Morthil) Opes Estril 275,000
Keth Lokan Morthil 275,000
Wydrian Keth Morthil 19,445
Shezard Rajin Opes 19,445
Destar Shezard Wydrian 281,875

This costs 800,000 to get to Rajin and 1,395,765 tokens in total.

Offspring Parent Parent Cost
Opes (Archimera, Xenot) Rhyo Noctua 175,000
Slax Pyrochis Stormheim 21,260
Hedran (Gloomclaw) Xenot Slax 143,500
Estril (Archimera) Rhyo Hedran 175,000
Rajin (Morthil, Marianas) Opes Estril 275,000
Lokan Rajin Estril 19,445
Keth (Opes, Rhyo) Lokan Morthil 275,000
Shezard Rajin Opes 19,445
Wydrian Keth Morthil 19,445
Destar (Estril, Rhyo) Shezard Wydrian 281,875

This is a different way with 789,760 to get to Rajin, and 1,404,970 total.


Tnx for all the hard Work red👍


updating the cheapest tab soon?

o nvm


Given the current paths, what would everyone suggest for a person following A&A3 about to get Xenot, and one has Neptus/Necryx/Corth (harb stone for both mythics).

Follow a path getting obsidian first, ie wraith, or getting Noctua first (ie getting Stormhiem)?


If you can fly, get Noctua.
If you can’t fly, get Noctua.


Gangster, thanks for the feedback! So to clarify its worth to delay the upgrading of Neptus/Necryx/Corth in favor of getting Noctua first? (Reality is, is not THAT delayed, just the time it takes to get Stormhiem).


Its a personal choice. Depends on how fast you go through tier and whether you prefer seasonal flying only and Ok without useful lineage dragons.
That being said, if you get Fomhar you may skip Noc imo.
But again, its you who has to decide.
Also, please note that Neptus and Corthanak need you to be above lev 260 to evolve.


Got ya. I do have Fomhar as well. Ugg. 260! I think this fort I’ll be 244.

Thank you both Luffy and Gangster <3


Evolve levels have zero impact on their power.
If you check their stats you will see that at Emerald they can have the same power as Obsidian dragons.

Basically that means, if you‘re a high level and you‘re really behind with your breeding, those season mythics still offer you amazing value.


I’ve only been playing this game for just a little over a year. I’ve recently came across “breeding paths”. My best dragon is Kinnarous. I have no idea which path to take or where to go or where to even begin. Is there ANYTHING or ANY advice that you or ANYone could give me?? I am somewhat of a slow learner, u could say lol. I still haven’t even figured out the whole “breeding” ordeal. That’s a whole other learning curve for me as well. I just want to learn and well, ovilousoy I’m desperate, bc I’m posting a comment on this thread (or is it forum​:thinking: lol). Anywho, whatever advice, suggestions or tips you could give, I would really appreciate it. Thank you :pray: