Red's Master Breeding Paths


30% right off the hop seems a little steep. id make it graduate more. Ie. 10-15% per tier behind to a max of 50%. But yes. Most important IMO is that they do it to tower build times as well though.


That is one option, some players will opt to wait for the price to drop but isn’t that commercialize at its heart. Those that pay full price get the shiny new product and those that go for the discount get the slightly outdated product (those that would wait for new tiers just to get the discount).

I think that if you ask 10 people you will get 10 different answers, beyond the agreement that something needs to be done. Personally I’d support the people that seem to have the best knowledge of what balanced means when it comes to breeding. Instead of coming up with a bunch of different ideas, full support of one idea is will have a bigger impact and greater chance of getting something done.

As such I fully support Red’s proposal.


Where are Reds breeding paths! I need my fix.
I hope you listen to Red PG.

I fear without her breeding paths you will lose a ton of players😢





wait… #UseRedAsAShield… nope… hmmmmm




Hey Superman, are you still playing ? If so can you post your updated breeding guides?


Different guy :+1:



Why are your paths offline as of lately?:thinking:


If only there was an explanation in the screenshot that you posted…


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Apparently my humor is too dry. :man_shrugging:


Naw it isn’t dry enough for my liking






Yeah they flagged my appreciation for dry humor too. Can’t help if some people are sensitive to everything. Anyone who thought the intent was anything other than innocent missed the mark.


This is not true. I live near Springfield, Ma where the new MGM casino just opened up in the heart of Springfield. Where people live in walking distance.

I really hope these changes to breeding and leveling happen. I’ve brought it up myself in the past with little to no responses from anyone. I’ve also brought up other things. Unfortunately this is PG’s game and we don’t own it we can only choose to play it. I know without the paths things will be rough for me as a player because I depend on a lot of the information that the community has put together and presented. @PGJared can we get any information on how the gaming company is taking this and if this is enough to see the changes we are asking for sooner than later?


#IStandwithRed :tada::tada:


#IStandwithRed. Always :grinning: