Red's Master Breeding Paths


#StandWithRed !!!




I was going to set up my Hammock


It could be a while, good idea


If you get tired of the hammock, I have some bunks I’m renting out by the hour.




I agree with you


Fully behind this important issue.


(But if you want to tell me what to breed after Ferga feel free to dm me!)


I fully agree things need to change. I’m currently afraid to spend tokens because I don’t know if I’ll end up overspending after PG nerfs the cost a day or two after. I’m worried that nothing is going to change and I will end up never breeding the dragons that I want. Finally, I’m worried that if I don’t breed I am going to fall behind even more.

It sucks that PG is in this situation and I can sympathize in not knowing the right way to go with this. However its unexcusable as a company to have put the consumer in an even worse situation.


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I totally have those concerns too. Having the prices dropped after spending this shitty amount of tokens on shitty dragons would be… shitty. Lol. But I doubt that any serious changes are coming soon—not that I don’t hope for them, so PG, don’t take that statement as any sort of refusal for improvements!—so I myself will be continuing along with my plans. I won’t stop having what little fun I’m having just to wait for changes that could be held off for months. So Sekhem, here I come.
#IStandWithRed :t_rex:


I’m in the same spot - due to breed Hau for 195,000 tokens. But if change comes, at least I won’t have to spend 200k on Apophet. Also, there are members on my team just entering sapphire. If they could be spared what I’ve gone through over the past THREE MONTHS, I am okay with everything. #IStandWithRed


I was sad to see your paths taken down, but I support your protest so I’m here to say that.


I’m partway through trying to breed Apophet - definitely support you on this!

On a side note, I’d left the dragon check in open as a tab - that’s still available - I’m guessing only Red can take that down? The wdgeeks tabs reloaded to say unavailable which I was expecting. #standwithred


If only you could read…


#IStandWithRed this is getting ridiculous. I won’t renew my elite account. Getting newer dragons is costing too much time and money. Is becoming frustrating and annoying. I don’t play as much because of the same reasons.


#IStandWithRed I am not such a high level and it is really becoming more difficult to breed dragons and the towers taking longer to up grade. All of my friends who have this game are very frustrated because is taking them days!!! To level up or upgrade and even breed a dragon. I am not getting elite account ether nor spending any more money until they fix this. There are still a lot of glitches since the last update. Like I said, is becoming annoying.


I agree, but would add another discount. When you unlock the next tier, the tiers below are all decreased by 10%, e.g., when you breed your first sapphire, platinum down are all discounted.


I really appreciate everything you do Red, and I owe my progress to your hard work! Question though: in the Rhyo path, is there a reason I shouldn’t breed lumina first to unlock my divines, then breed deci and noctua? The path has lumina 3rd step, but I can breed it now. Only downside I see is I get noctua one breed later, but I’d be able to evolve my divines sooner.


I’m not there yet breeding wise but I believe that would be a huge token cost increase, good for points… Bad for over all cost.


I’m assuming you just want to know if you can go

Lumina -> Deci -> Noctua
rather than
Deci -> Noctua -> Lumina

No change in tokens, just in when you get Noctua and when you get emerald eggs for your builders hut :slight_smile:
Lumina is a garbage dragon, but if you are high enough level to take advantage of several divine levels, then it could be worth it over getting Noctua and having to level him up. If you are lower level and/or have a max style base, then Deci first is the obvious choice due to the 9 emerald eggs you get from that breed.