Red's Master Breeding Paths


Ok thanks mech, I basically just wanted to confirm there wasnt a cost increase. I overleveled just a bit (lvl 232 with lvl 52 flaks) but with neptus not evolving till 260 and my other divines and gear it doesnt hinder me at all. If I do deci first, I can make my base stronger but not my dragons, if I breed lumina first I grow my dragons not my base. So I’ll probably breed lumina next and sit out next fort event until I get those builder eggs.


I’m following Icicle 1, and just bred Apop (200k tokens weehoo:-1: ), and i got 200 frags and 20k tokens left. Is it possible to get my second garnet (jul) for 143k tokens during this event, and how?

I know one of the answer is spending, I just want to know if its physically possible to grind it out somehow


That’s 80k tokens you need to grind in 4 days. Um no thanks… :joy:


doable… but its a pain.


Just wait till next breed event since it’ll be in the new season :man_shrugging:t3:


#IStandWithRed why should I grind forever. Where is the fun in that


Anything is possible :slight_smile:

I used to use the approximation of 3k tokens per hour for rough estimating by speeding up both the first and second mission for an average of 2.67 tokens : 1 ruby. That’s the base number i would use to estimate timing.

For the new egg missions, you can increase the tokens by 40-50% (around 4.5k tokens) per hour for the same token: ruby ratio.

So overall, 80k tokens would take 30k rubies and around 18 hours for you to grind out if you were committed.

And yes i’ve done that amount in 3 days before. Difficult but certainly within the realm of possibility.

Do i recommend it? Nope, save for next season since its right around the door :wink:


Insane. Thanks for the detailed reply. I appreciate it!


Not everyone can be as zoomy as the mythical mechcat…


I agree something needs to be done, but that being said closing down the guide doesn’t do anything other then hurt the players that use or need the guides. Closing them only benefits pg. now those players that would of looked for the cheapest path to get where they want will make mistakes and end up spending more. Props to you @TheRedDelilah for supporting pg and their pocketbooks.


Um… the guides are back up…


Red put the guides back up before breeding event started…
Red would never do anything to hurt players, and by doing what she did she was able to get people to talk…that’s all that really mattered


I see that you’re living up to your username.
If you took a moment to read her statements, you’ll understand why she did what she did. And by the way, they’re back up now. She wouldn’t do anything to hurt the players. :t_rex:


@TheRedDelilah is freaking awesome like that :smile:


I see the poster was selling you short. Lol.


That’s what I do. Don’t care one way or the other tbh… I’m in vanguard. I’m here to stir the pot


First rule of drama causing. Don’t talk about drama causing. :man_facepalming:


Nah - first rule about drama causing is knowing what drama can be caused lol




Hi @TheRedDelilah first let me thank you for all the hard work you put into helping us little guys and for the stand you recently took for a more balanced game play for all.

I’m a lvl 84 and have been following the guide entitled Reds Best Breeding Path. I’ve been grinding out xp runs to get consurgens lvl and finally made it this morning. I put my Do Not Disturb sign on the breeding castle and got busy breeding Mune. Woop woop I got him :smiley:

Then I hit a wall… I went to incubate him and it says I need to lvl my incubator but can’t do that until I hit lvl 90. The guide is showing you only need to be lvl 84 to get Mune. Here’s a screenshot

Edit: You help a lot more than us little guys.