Red's Master Breeding Paths


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In what way hon?


Thanks Red, keep up the good work :slightly_smiling_face::+1: which path do you suggest among your paths? I like using hunters than others.

Is this site up to date?


The Icicle 1 path and A&A 3 path have the same start which is GREAT in my opinion. Icicle 1 then let’s you up your builders hut a bit faster but is weak after Frost until Emerald. Divines, Frost, and Hau help of course. A&A is stronger through garnet, but I feel has a frustrating late emerald.

But I follow each depending on the account. If a path doesn’t get Hau right away, it’s weak.


I’m curious. Are you still doing live edits on your emerald breeding path, or did you just forget to change the name of the doc once you were done?


I’m still looking for some better versions of new paths. The icicle and A&A paths are done, but I like to experiment and find new paths. Unfortunately I’ve been slow at it this time around


Hi I am a level 55 player trying sketch out a plan to get both Hau and Renard as my priority when i reach there.
As I see in present paths, either i get Hau early and have to backbreed Renard or the other way round.
Can you suggest me if you have thoughts on any better path?
If not, what is the best path in the existing ones to get both fairly early?


Can i ask why Renard specifically? Unless i’m mistaken he actually isn’t a very good dragon compared to frostbiter who is another very likely alternative after Hauheset


It sounds silly, but i like him! His look is awesome.
I also know he doesn’t have extraordinary spells but i want him to be my first Garnet.
I understand what you may think, but in the end that is also a way to keep me going in the game.


Fair enough. I do think he looks cool as well.

I’m sure Red can recommend one of her pre-made paths which would get these two dragons fairly quickly. Looks like Icicle3 is a good path for you and it has the added benefit of getting your sapphire eggs to let you build level 45 towers early on :slight_smile:

Just don’t over level with Apophet, he is most effective if you stay lower in level


Thank you for suggestion :sunglasses:
I checked it even before and thought Icicle 3 is the best fit for my present criteria.
I was only thinking that getting Hau earlier would make him serve me a lot more time.
That was the reason for my post.


No worries. If you are searching for better power dragons and getting Hauheset early, you will suffer by getting Renard the other dragon you want way later. If you really think Renard is cool and want to go for him, you will suffer by getting the more powerful dragon Hauheset a bit later.

All paths have their strong points and their drawbacks. It is up to you to evaluate which is a higher priority for you and come up with your own reasoning as to why you want a certain path :slight_smile:

We will only hate on you if you choose a gloomclaw path :stuck_out_tongue:


For now, I will keep Icicle 3 path as my option until Red or myself find me a better path for my needs.
Thank you for your and Red’s support.
I am low level, so i have a lot of time to decide on that. And yes no Gloomclaw :joy:


Well done i gotta say im very impressed!


I’m new and have a question. In the breeding path there are different offspring for the same parents. If I breed the same parents twice will I get different dragons???


The short answer is, typically, yes.

In the breeding tab, when you pick the parents, you’ll be able to see the different possible results. Early on, 1 fragment = 1 egg. As you progress in the game, one egg takes multiple fragments, so you’ll need to breed the parents multiple times to get the complete egg(s) for the dragon(s) that you want. Those then need to be hatched in the incubator one at a time.


Hi Perch, when you breed two dragons that give multiple offsprings you get all of them since you obtain the most expensive one of them. For example if you breed Frostbiter + Zaru you will get Chompa after using 130k tokens, Apophet after 65k more tokens (195k from the start) and at least Austeros & Aquileias after 18500 more tokens (214500 from the beginning). Hope i could be clear. Cheers


Check the picture above.
I selected two parents- Hext and Etzel. You can see that there 6 egg slots below the dragons- those are the possible offsprings.
I have circled few places to help you understand basics.
Each time you press the breed once button, you will get one egg fragment and that can be any one of the six eggs shown.
If you observe yellow circle, you see an egg with a tick mark- this means you already obtained that egg.
If you observe green circle, you see an egg with 2/5 written over it. This means you need 5 egg fragments to get that dragon egg and you have only two egg fragments. You have to keep pressing the breed once button multiple times until you get all five fragments. If you observe more carefully, there is a tick mark for this egg as well. This means I already have that egg.
If you observe the red circle, you see an egg with 5/50 written over it. This means I have 5 out of 50 fragments required for obtaining that egg. Also, there is no tick mark which means i don’t have that egg.

Each egg fragment has different probability of being obtained. To find out how to obtain any dragon you want, you can follow a breeding guide.
Here is Red’s breeding path for which we all come to this post :wink:

You can find Red’s best breeding path in the same website.
Keep following that website for a lot of learning.


@TheRedDelilah i am new.still at lvl 24. how can use this guide to my advantage and save tokens?