Red's Master Breeding Paths


egg (since minimum level is just for the egg as hatching the dragon costs no token)


Correct - my guides only show when you can do that step and breed Mune. My guides do not show when you can hatch them.


Thank you both. I was obviously misunderstanding what that column meant.


Just to clarify, is it 80k tokens with egg token boost and emerald Balloon eggs?

4.5k tokens per hour implies that you’re doing first egg mission all the time then?


Yes, that is with the emerald tier balloon and 125% season bonus.
I would not recommend exchanging tokens without the seasonal bonus of some sort in place, it is a terrible value per Ruby.


Updated with discounts added.


Hurray! Thank you, was worried you had a lot of changes to make in not much time!


Red is the bomb-diggity! Have some :cake: Red, you are fantastic.


Are all your sheets updated? I’m still seeing the old costs on the Obsidian-Harbinger paths.


It’s updated. Should see at the top: “Discounted Tokens Spent (9/25)” for the cost per dragon.


Wowza you are fast red! Thank you so much!



I hope. :slight_smile:


You work too hard. Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:


You ROCK !




Hey lovely, just checking that you have confirmation from PG on how this “cross-breeding” discount is supposed to work?


Garnet + Saph = 30%
Garnet + Emerald = 20%

This was all stated in the announcement.

Just waiting on confirmation about Plat + Gold.


I assume then that:

  • Plat + Plat for Sapphire is 30%
  • Garnet + Garnet for Emerald is 20%
  • Emerald + Emerald for Obsidian is 10%



No. The discount is based off the parents, not the children. Go check that thread.


I think this confirmed it, Red. Thanks for all you do!