Red's Master Breeding Paths


Hello hello! Has anyone done any digging to see where/when mystic fragments should be used now? I was planning to use a bunch this breeding event but they are worth fewer tokens now. I’m starting Sapphire so the fragments are now worth 175 tokens instead of 250. What do.


Sapphire legendaries are still the best place to spend them until you hit Harbinger, value wise. And Harbinger is really so far away that anything could change in the mean time. I’d say burn up all you have while you’re doing the Sapphire legendaries. After that, probably use them strategically to round off event scores during garnet/emerald. Still don’t use them in the “bad to use” spots (builder eggs and backbreeds).


Still use them in places where you’d use them before. Yes it saves less eggs than before but you’re also spending less eggs than before.


That’s not really true of course, if you save the fragments for later, less-discounted dragons, and use tokens for the earlier discounted ones, you get more breeding out of the same number of tokens and fragments.

But the wait involved tends to get very long, and the savings made pretty minimal, so from a practical viewpoint I agree you should just use them as you would before.


Not really if, as the game progress, the higher tiered cost gets discounted again by the time we reach the place…


( Original path here.)

Update on this: I outperformed my expectations for tokens by a few hundred thousand, so the plan was compressed to 4 events instead of 5, and I decided that I really liked shooting down higher tier dragons, so I leveled harder. These changes meant that it made sense to converge to something closer to the unmodified Icicle 4, since earlier garnet uncap became desirable and the need for a higher XP cap grew.

Progression changes didn’t affect the plan, which completes this week. They do mean that the next breed after this, I’ll have both Icicle and the materials for platinum construction research, with Ferga as a stretch goal. (300k tokens to earn in a month. :joy: )

Overall, I’m really happy with how this turned out. Though I didn’t know it at the time, backloading more of the costs of the plan proved fortunate. Also fortunate was Atlas access, which made the choice to rely on Fomhar more doable. (Since his benefits from gear are greater than Hau’s.) :+1: Pretty stoked about emeralds and 52s in 6 weeks.


I just finished Icicle 4 path and to me, it is a huge accomplishment. I need a new path but I am not sure which is best for me. I want to get to Noctua as fast as possible. I also want estril and destar from harbinger. Is there a path that can get me all of these dragons? Can someone help me please?


I did S Rhyo 2

Had Nocta at 240(ish). Plus it gives you builder’s hut eggs earlier.

Just bred Lokan and could start Opes but if I do I will be SOL next breeding since I will have no one to breed after Opes until I reach 300 and am able to incubate Lokan and Opes (plus get them breedable).

Actually worried if there are two more breeding events I will get no points in the second and mess up my chances for the mythic hunter. Hopefully I can get to 300 but unlikely.


S Rhyo 2 doesn’t get me Destar and I want Noctua, Estril and Destar.


Oops, missed the Destar part. Focused on the Noctua part, sorry…

Disregard, glad you were paying attention.



it’s ok my team had a path I am going to cross reference with one of Red’s path.


The good thing about Rhyo 2 is the builder’s hut eggs but that was more my focus so I could be strong relative to my level.

That might be biting me firmly in the butt right now though, so…


I just hatched noctua and did half of lumina on S Rhyo 2. Now I’m wondering if I should save the rest of my tokens instead of finishing lumina, if the 300 wall is really coming up that fast…I’m 241 currently.


Tossing up whether to noc or not right now… At 212…:joy:

Need more points in event but will probably just do partial noc and finish next event…


Nice! That’s impressive. I love Noct and can’t even expert him yet do to level.

It gets slightly sad when you find you can’t breed anymore though. Be careful, you’ll likely have a harder time than me or even mech with the 300 wall.


Oh I’m hoarding timers don’t worry about that :joy:

Still have just over 2000 days left after fort and almost finishing this breed.

My hesitation with noc is not having enough to do well next breed. Plus I can’t evolve my divines anyway until, 226.



And I thought I had a nice little buffer at a bit over a year of timers left…


2000 days goes fast.

I still have about that and only went up about 20 levels last fort. Just got all my research eggs and find that I can only speed research with rubies (it seems) so might not even have the plat boost by next fort.


Lol I’m not even the best/worst hoarder on my team… :joy:


Yeah I’m well aware. It won’t even get me to 300. I’ll need 4000 days for that…