Red's Master Breeding Paths


I havent been able to do any research for months, but you’re saying you cant use timers to speed it up anymore!?


Only thing I see is the option to use rubies but it’s been a LONG time since I did research until now.

Won’t be pressing that button.


That is the risky maneuver but it works. Pressing the ruby expedite now button actually brings up the speedup menu for you to select them.


You use timers for research.


Really? Awesome, I wondered but I really need my rubies.

I will go try as I have four levels to finish in order to get diamond tools.


Guess I’m too :chicken: to have pressed the button.

Thanks! you guys are brave!



I wouldn’t lie to you. Others may try to trick you for different scenarios but i would honestly feel terrible to waste someone elses resources like that for a sick joke.


I trust you Sir. Thanks!


Thank god, I thought they changed that too! Lol been a loooong time since I was able to do research. If only speeding up crafting worked like that…


There is a reason this isn’t really a path. Noctua start paths tend to lead to Rajin or Keth unless you are starting with Nier. I could try to build a path, but it would be more expensive and rather superfluous.


what if at the end I did Raijin and Opes to Shezard then shezard and Wydrian to destar.? If you can put something together I would really appreciate it, if it isn’t too much of an inconvenience. Thank you


Just breed research eggs of you must.


You have any idea how crazy it is to me that people get obsidian at that low of a level?!



If you follow rhyo 2 lokan is like 4 months away. May it be really awesome to have towers capped as high as possible, the dedication is real.

Got noc slightly late at 275 but will be hitting 300 by the time I get lokan and level 60 towers. Obsidian tier passes by like a breeze


This discount shortened my planned breed to Noc from 3 breed events to 1. That was the impact of it. No kidding.

Now I have the luxury of saying No to Noc… :joy:


build damnit
like i went 27 levels last breed from 133 to 160.
now i bred Hau, Frost, Poo and 830/1000 on Apo. And i was think i’ll be builder hut capped :rofl:
next target, starting icicle… and no egg boost.


I am bro. 198 to 212 last fort, then 226 next fort… :joy: Then Noc and obsidian evolve…:grin:


Just wanted to say thanks to Red. I started playing in December of last year so a little under 10 months and I just hit garnet. I know others have done it faster but I feel like as an ETP person it was a good pace for me and it would in no way have been possible without your guides.

I also appreciate that you leaned on PG to make the scaling improvements. I had saved up for the sapphire wall because I was on the path and timers were my limfac for driving base up. Well with the scaling improvements I blew all my saved up resources and got: Anapa, Iteru, Apophet, Jul, some other trash platinum with Jul, and half Hau this event. I’m on your best path but elected for Apophet prior to Hau since I needed the builder hut eggs. I’m disappointed I won’t get Hau for another month as that is the only non breeder of the group but didn’t want to have to sit a fort out. So thanks Red, without you I’d probably be baby sapphire at best, most likely platinum, instead of den capped garnet.


Hi Red
Thanks for Your hard work :heart:
I noticed the guide says Sanguis is min lvl 300. It should be min lvl 330, since the incubator needs to be lvl 13.


You can breed Sanguis at 300. My guide is only for the act of breeding, not using sorry.