Red's Master Breeding Paths


Hi Red

First, thanks (again) for the super valuable guide!

Just a question to your newest modification. I’m following Icicle1 and will finish it next event with the Stormheim Breed. Then “S Ryho RKD #2” is next. This decision will lead my to choose from one of the Rajin paths.

Which one of the 3 Ryho paths (J1/J2/O) are you considering as the strongest?

As I just hit the lvl200 mark last fort, it will gonna take me ages anyways till I will have completed the Ryho part. Just wondering, as I like to see the carrot in front of me :wink:


It’s really a question first of what Mythic you want, Jorm or Oni (Jorm is better, but we all have preferences). Between the two Jorm paths, it’s then a question of are you 330 or not yet, I think. If not, do J2.


Thank you for the reply.
Regarding 300 wall. My big hope is that, until I will reach that burden, we will have some progression enhancement in the tower leveling as well (you can still have some dreams, right?)


It looks like I can use Ferrox + Whalegnawer to get Mune for just 800 more tokens than Ferrox + Consurgens. (Line 25 in Red’s Best and line 6 in Whale/Cons 3.) 800 tokens feels like a great exchange for the timers, heals, and XP grinding I’d use getting Consurgens breedable in a hurry.

Any subtle downsides I need to look for in substitutions like that?

Ferrox + Whale gives Lumen fragments instead of Ferrox + Consurgens’ Yersinu fragments, but since Lumen is rare and Yersinu epic this should give me more extra gold eggs, I think.


I did that, there’s not many downsides to it. Works fine.


Ferrox Cons = 79% Ferrox
Ferrox whale = 80% Ferrox.
No meaningful difference I guess…


Good point, thanks. The Lumen / Yersinu fragment comes up at about same rate as Mune fragments, and Mune’s between them in fragment count. So maybe one extra gold egg, depending on fragments already owned from past breeds.


What would be the downside other than builder hut eggs if we bred raijin and myhthril, then switched to keth. Back breeding Shezard and wydran at 20k tokens each after keth and move right to jotun?


It’s your choice. You can check out information to compare at


Starting on Emerald tomorrow. Can’t wait!:smiley:


I’m starting on Sapphire. I could have waited another week… :rofl:


@TheRedDelilah quick question. I noticed a discrepancy in your paths. On S Rhyo 2 it shows breeding Lokan using Archimera and Rhyo yields 10 obsidian eggs, but on X Rhyo K and R it says the same breed gives 13 obsidian eggs. Which is it, and if it is different could you explain why?


I pointed this out as well. It is 10, and a few other obsidian egg backbreeds are incorrect as well. I’ll see if I can dig up what the others were but from memory they we’re all supposed to be -3 to what was shown

Found it:
Both X girasol and x Rhyo paths. Should be 11/10 respectively instead of 14/13


Mech to the rescue! Thanks bud. I was hoping it was the higher number though lol wouldve helped my building plans a lot.


Yep unfortunate. But the extra eggs are fairly cheap still, probably only 13-14k per now :grinning:


Hmm looks like I wont get the rest of the builder eggs until breeding Estril on the Rhyo path. Might be worth it to back breed the 2 other eggs before breeding Opes, since I can’t hatch them yet anyway.


Yup you need to do the backbreed for the other 2 eggs. It’s easy to do on the climb to 300 since you can’t hatch new dragons yet. Get your construction platinum research done and your hut eggs so you can get L60 towers and focus on those two items before L300.


This fort I’ll get my main towers all to 56, which should put my level around 280. I figure at that pace I’ll at least have my flaks and storm at 60 by the time I hit 300. Got plenty of platinum eggs, just no gold eggs lol


Can anyone tell me the best combo to get 3 more obsidian eggs without using harbingers? Just bred Lokan and got 10, but breeding Opes only gives 1 and I dont have enough to finish Opes anyway.


Please check