Red's Master Breeding Paths


why when we can just get you to do it for us?

I wonder if this would work with other things… Luffy do you know where i can get a good coffee? i take it black.


I am slowly transforming… or i will get royally screwed in life.:see_no_evil:


Hi Red, thanks for helping us all out with your paths.
Just noticed that chompa and apophet no longer render renard (the combination is in AA4). I have both, but Renard still shows also as i cannot breed it. So any suggestion where to switch to?


Are both breedable?
Apo lv 16 and Chomp2 lv 12?
Manual breed? :eyes:


Still shows up on dragon manager. @OrcaFrost might be right about you not having both breedable…


Was this answered before? Why Noctua before Lumina?


Better dragon, and might need the emerald egg


Noctua > carpal tunnel dragon


What does that mean?


Noctua is more useful dragon , so people prefer getting Not first instead of going for Lumina 1 breed early.
It also gives 9 emerald eggs to breed deci, so helps builder hut progression


Ah, I was thinking of breeding both Deci and Lumina in the same event. Hatch Deci and let Lumina hatch naturally to save on timers. So looks like there is no reason not to go with my plan …


Lumina has Lightspeed, which means furious tapping to deal more damage than the damage nerf.


Okie … get to breedable and shelve. Got it :grin::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Or use 10 fingers…



Lumina is great for 2-3 finger tapping, you can actually run the ammo bar down this way and get your rage’s worth of extra damage lol


Or have a pet spider


My next breed…

Guess I won’t finish him next breeding…


I’m coming up to a crossroads, and could use some pro-tips.

I have been planning on using Rhyo 2 for the hut eggs earned breeding Lokan, but I see that Red’s Best Path recommends Estril instead. I read up, and saw @FLAKnIceHole said he basically ran out of things to breed… I hadn’t considered that. Is that why Estril is on the Best path (breeding Hedran then Estril instead of skipping to Lokan)?

For added info - the last couple fort events I have gone up 10-15 levels each (which I gather translates to 2-3 levels for the same speedup cost once I hit 300). At this rate does it actually make sense to stay continue to hold of on breeding my first Harb?


We were teasing that Mehaten is long for Meh. :woman_facepalming:

Possibly the worst mythic ever :thinking:


I’m half kidding :grin:
He shares the same parents as the queen of time…