Red's Master Breeding Paths


I think my perch is looking forward having Mehaten


The way I see it, you dont NEED to breed a harbinger until 315, and you cant even hatch them until 300. Leveling is going to take you way longer than breeding, so you might get stuck with nothing to breed if you bust them all out too early. I’ve stopped grinding tokens since I bred Lokan and Opes, because theres no rush


He’s expert on my perch too … boosted and equipped with resists and he still died most times on the invader. :rofl:


@JustSuperman. I am certainly no “Pro”, but for me… I hit L300 a few months ago. I’m not a big spender, so leveling is a slow grind. I bred Lokan first, once I reached L300 a few months ago. I have just reached L318. I now have 5 Harbinger Lineage Drags (including 1 Mythic). It has been a grind, but at least I’ve been able to get the eggs needed for my builder hut, to unlock towers to slowly help with leveling. I have unlocked Sanguis for breeding, but obviously can’t get him until L330 which will take a while longer Using tokens on him though should give me Harbinger eggs needed for 2 more hut upgrades, which will be helpful. Once Sanguis egg is done, it’ll have to wait a while before I can hatch it. In the meantime though, I’ll be able to put more levels on towers that will help with getting me closer to L330. Anyway… For what it’s worth, it’s just what I’ve been doing since hitting the infamous L300 wall.


My bff is goes into epic rant mode every time I mention her Mehaten, older players still tell tales of her rants about Mehaten, I think it includes something like the priciest laser pointer ever, I will get him next event so will be so much fun training him


That’s my path and I had to kick fortification into high gear because in order to breed two Harbs together you need to be 300 and lvl 12 castle (if I recall correctly).

It took 3 months and a TON of grinding to finally get to 315 and evolve my divines to Harb. I could literally only press “evolve” though. No levels past that (good news is don’t need food I guess). So really the only thing that changed is my divines now have the word Harbinger over their heads while flying.


I think you’ll be fine but start squirreling away timers for the 300 wall


Thanks @Lee1230 and @xxBonesXIxx :beers:
I got so used to trying to rush through the tiers that, even though I didn’t get through any of them ‘early’, I am still kinda stuck for a while.


Yup, looked cool, but useless beyond a perch IMO


Thanks buddy :beers:


Unfortunately you DO need to breed them sooner.

At L300 you can both breed harbingers as well as hatch them, as well as breed vanguards to give you the spare harbinger eggs that you require. As usual, i’m going to stay @ exactly L300 until i have a minimum of 4 harb eggs for my builder hut so i can level towers to 65 instead of being stuck at L60.

I’m on the OPES/Lokan/Estil/Rajin path and i’m slated to hit L300 this fort event, and then get estril and rajin next breeding event.

If you have the patience, consider staying a lower level until you can get your harb eggs and it will really help buff your base up


I literally just hit 300 yesterday, upgraded my incubator and started cooking Lokan. The breeding cavern is upgrading on it’s own though. Theres just no need to rush breeding anymore :man_shrugging:. Big change from previous tiers though. Everyone says dont out level your dragons, take it slow on building, but then you get obsidian mythic and need to rush to 300, and keep rushing on building to keep up with breeding after that. Definitely sucks, I hope they fix the scaling after 300.


We can disagree on this :slight_smile:


The most masterful strategist in all the lands of War Dragons seems to disagree!

“As of 2.50, the strongest dragon in the game – though there is a steep learning curve to using him.”

I sort of like to imagine some extremely skilled warrior fliers (call them Ivar and Thumb) making awesome Mehaten-flying videos to show you how to sail over the learning curve.

If you were curious what they had to say about another sapphire mythic:

“This time around the highest in class hunter in the game gives us a hard time. The main reason for this in our opinion, is down to the downright tricky nature of his unique set of abilities.” Misgendered AND insulted!


No choice here… 255 and breeding harb… gonna be a lot of research eggs in my future.


No offense meant to anyone, but… I must “agree” with Mech to respectfully “…disagree on this”. I am on the same path that Mech has shown above. Having those Harbinger eggs for the Hut is very helpful. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I spent 185k eggs last breeding event too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
The good thing is that i have a TON of the research done now, only missing a handful of green and gold and a few sapphires.

But grinding hard to hit the 450k mark needed for both estril and rajin (currently 335k)


If by “worst” you mean “best” then i agree. It has “a freakin lazer beam attached to its head!”


Plus he is fantastic as a perch warmer :upside_down_face:


Dumb question:

If I stick to the path, I don’t get any obsidian hut eggs until I breed a harb, so my towers are capped at 56 - correct? Or did I miss something? @mechengg, I snuck a peak at your base and see level 60 towers - is that how you got the hut eggs?

So perhaps then, I should breed my butt off on dragons I won’t be able to actually hatch for a long time while feverishly trying to build build build, and fill in where needed with research eggs?


Yah did whatever research eggs I needed for team sigil prize last event… getting the obsidian eggs for my base didn’t matter because my season was going to be done before the following fort whether the cadence stayed or moved back… so I’ll get my eggs this breed and actually have something to do next fort… I’m basically capped atm, going to be an ongoing issue unfortunately, doubt I can make 45 levels in two months… hope I don’t run out of research eggs to do!