Red's Master Breeding Paths


Not a dumb question. You can BREED harbinger eggs @ L220 when your mythic obsidian is breeding level. You just can’t hatch them, but that’s not required to get your spare obsidian eggs.


@JustSuperman. I’m not sure about @mechengg , but that’s how I got my Obsidian eggs for my Hut. I bred Lokan first.



For the person who wrote the piece of Meh, “Bless his heart” …


What I meant was, unless you’re spending, its gonna take a lot longer to level your base up than it will to breed on that path (I’m on the same path). Hence why you bred a bunch of research eggs last breeding event lol. I’m not going to stay at 300 until I breed 2 vanguards, because itll take months to get to 330 to hatch them. Just my personal decision, probably wont affect my base too much though, I should still have all 70s before 330. If you are gonna save up a metric shit ton of timers and go from 300 to 330 in one event, good on you mech lol.

We are on the same page for the most part btw, I just dont think breeding 4 dragons is “rushing”, hence why I said theres no need to rush breeding.


Freakin laser beams!!!


It’s one beam … as powerful as a car’s headlight. :roll_eyes:


I infer that you might be staying…??



I use Mehaten exclusively for those tedious blackblood islands. Laser beams and shield explosions spice it up a bit.


Mech I’m going to do sanguis before wydrian.


100%, that’s my plan as well :slight_smile:


I won’t even get wydrian :see_no_evil:


What is a wydrian?


A dragon with arthritic wings that don’t move - like an airplane :stuck_out_tongue:


You are on a different path than us though aren’t you?
We need him for Balahm/Shezzy


Yeah we kind of need him unfortunately. I’ll just look at it as a necessary step to get its kid Redrian (yes I know its not actually needed. Just a fantasy…)


Rajin J 2 :slight_smile:


Sci dont use a path, go rogue like me!


@forScience Lol… Wydrian doesn’t have arthritis. He’s mechanical. He just needs some WD40 and he’ll be good as new! :grinning::rofl:


@mechengg Same here. Next Breed Event, I’m throwing tokens at Sanguis. I should finish him off. It’ll only take about 2.5 hours for that Auto Breed to finish! :joy:

I won’t be able to hatch him for a while, but at least I’ll have those eggs for my Builders Hut. :wink::+1:


Unless I’m much mistakes 4 harb eggs will only get you 62s 8 gets you to 64s and you need 12 to get 65s. On the bright side the next 4 seem to get you to 69 cos pg logic.