Red's Master Breeding Paths


You are correct. I get 8 for my first vanguard egg (so L64 towers so I can start leveling again from 60) and I get 7 the next vanguard breed to give me enough to get to 65. But I don’t need all 12 to start to build my towers up again


I probably missed the answer in here somewhere, but what happens if I am level 280 and I breed, say, Girasol and Wraith, with a level 11 Breeding Mountain? One of the potential offspring is Harbinger Shezard. The other 2 possibilities are Obsidian. Will Breeding them contribute frags to Shezard?
Not sure of the mechanism, whether it just wont let you send a completed Harb egg to the incubator, or if won’t even show the Harb as a potential breeding result until the Breeding Mountain is level 12.


Yes, a L11 castle will allow you to complete an egg with fragments, you simply can’t hatch him in the incubator until it’s L12, and you can’t use him as a PARENT until the castle is L12

(I had lokan and opes eggs ready to hatch when i was L240 so I can personally confirm it)


I chose to merge both girasol’s paths to get the obsidian eggs by breeding SHERZARD & MORTHil getting 16 eggs for hut and when breeding vanguard chose Keth I , cause I can breed Jotun & Balahm and gives 16 harb eggs for hut too . cost doesnt change just order of breeds .


Any chance of filling in the extra eggs column for Rajin J2 @TheRedDelilah darling? :kissing_heart:

New Player! Any Tips for A Good Start?

So lazy you became in this regard . Good that they introduced level caps for next lvl towers :joy:


TMI, I suppose


Thanks anyway & I appreciate the base tips.


Why do you want to,stall your base growth?


they mean underlevel.



On your cheapest path, deci is bred before noc and lumina. Is there any disadvantage to breeding lumina before deci to unlock the obsidian divines sooner? Aside from getting noctua later obviously.


Nope! None at all


Deci’s breed gives 9 emerald eggs. I choose to breed Deci first then Noc.

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Red summed it up nicely, but I like where I’m at & other than Atlas, there’s not a lot pushing me to higher levels. The higher a player levels, the more frustrating it seems to be (& only seems to be getting worse.) I’m not planning on skipping forts, but I’ll certainly max out my home base area (incubator, castle, research, etc) before another kill isle tower & stop at the 250-300 sigil prize in fort for a few events. Also, I’m not stoked on leaving my emerald-capped divines behind, so that’s another reason for stretching out that time span.


You have to be careful about your base growing too slow as well. I now have many dragons den capped because i did not catch up with my base once I hit obsidian. I could breed and hatch harbinger but almost all my dragons are den capped anyways. Up to about lvl 250 you should be careful about your base not growing to fast. Once you breed your first Obsidian you need to get to 300+ fast. Make sure you have all time saving research finished by then, you will need it.
Just my 2ct.


250-300 prize point in fort is too shallow. And as it becomes harder to level, my preference is to level faster. As I see, you are at decent juncture in breeding to level up quick .
I personally suggest getting 1M every fort atleast. Not too much progress yet not too low to stall you


My head swims with all of the variables people are talking about on this thread. Can I propose…pretend that everyone is total beginner and wants a strong dragon lineup, but it doesn’t have to be the cheapest. Which paths would you do, in progression. Don’t mention dragons, just the name of reds paths…


That’s an easy one, that’s the path called “Red’s Best”, which has it’s own tab especially for people who don’t want to dive into all the specific sub-path options.


Think she already answered this :slight_smile:


That’s “Red’s Best”, surely? Which is a tab in its own right in the Master Breeding Paths spreadsheet.


When y’all are talking the sub paths, this is where I am wanting to understand the reasoning behind? I am too new to really recognize the purposes of the sub paths. Are those more detailed? I guess I am just scratching my head on these because Reds Best has good drags? Do the subpaths have better?