Red's Master Breeding Paths


You are correct. I get 8 for my first vanguard egg (so L64 towers so I can start leveling again from 60) and I get 7 the next vanguard breed to give me enough to get to 65. But I don’t need all 12 to start to build my towers up again


I probably missed the answer in here somewhere, but what happens if I am level 280 and I breed, say, Girasol and Wraith, with a level 11 Breeding Mountain? One of the potential offspring is Harbinger Shezard. The other 2 possibilities are Obsidian. Will Breeding them contribute frags to Shezard?
Not sure of the mechanism, whether it just wont let you send a completed Harb egg to the incubator, or if won’t even show the Harb as a potential breeding result until the Breeding Mountain is level 12.


Yes, a L11 castle will allow you to complete an egg with fragments, you simply can’t hatch him in the incubator until it’s L12, and you can’t use him as a PARENT until the castle is L12

(I had lokan and opes eggs ready to hatch when i was L240 so I can personally confirm it)


I chose to merge both girasol’s paths to get the obsidian eggs by breeding SHERZARD & MORTHil getting 16 eggs for hut and when breeding vanguard chose Keth I , cause I can breed Jotun & Balahm and gives 16 harb eggs for hut too . cost doesnt change just order of breeds .