Red's Master Breeding Paths


There are few things to consider, like cost, strength, builder hut eggs


All paths are options. They target different dragon preferences or reduced egg token costs or fast base leveling by giving hut eggs earlier than a different path.

There is no wrong path only one that offers something specific you are looking for. If you don’t know what exactly you are looking for Red’s Best is frankly the best place to start. There are options later on where you can switch to a different path once your objectives become more clear.


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My paths are built so players have options. Thus, they kind of work in blocks. You can pick whichever blue-green block you want and then from the gold-Platinum blocks that go on top of that and then any Sapphire-Emerald block, etc. Some paths get sorcerer mythics first, some hunters. Some are cheaper, some are stronger. I make so many paths so people have a choice in what they want.

If you want me, the creator of these, to tel you which is the best balanced of all the factors, I suggest my Best Breeding Path. Why? It takes all my favorite blocks that are reasonably priced to help you through the game at a good rate.


Thank you! I have ADHD and was facing so many choices it is incredibly distracting…I have been changing my mind constantly. I have changed from Red Best to Whale/Cons…then back again. Rotfl…I just wanted to understand the differences in each block. I was not catching the nuances of each “block”. When I couldn’t figure that part out, I started doubting my decisions, which goes into the big ugly loop of indecision, Other than what it was named…whale/cons etc…

Thank you for taking the time…hey, I pimp my drags, get new ones and grind out the levels…,I get a lot of flying expertise…


Anytime! Here to help.


excellent for a perch for about a month until you upgrade that perch past sapphire.


Why do you need stronger perch?


Why would you level your perch past Sapphire? Mehaten can sit there for years to come most likely, unless PG start giving out pearls again.


I don’t quite agree with this.
Lv 31 perch has everything needed, like no boost penalty, allowing for mythic effect.

I’d rather have my level focused on Kill Island towers rather than perch…


Well if they gave pearls like candy I would eventually put a harbinger dragon on there, after 300 you level well over 5 towers anyway.


Hi guys,

Not sure if this has been asked, but I’m a tad confused by the “Discounted Tokens Spent” column for multiple dragon offsprings.

For eg. Gaspar and Garzev produces Ith & Ettin and costs 26,240 Tokens. Is 26,240 referring to only one dragon offspring or both Ith and Ettin?

Thanks in advance!


You will get Ith at around 20k tokens spent and then at the 26240 mark (give or take a few) you should get
Ettin. So the 26240 is for 2 dragons.


Hello Red!:slight_smile:

Are you going to upgrade your breeding path to include empyrean dragons?


Hi Red is the following path maintained?


That is NOT my path, I have publicly spoken out AGAINST that path, and the creator has been banned for cheating.


Okay thanks for the clarification


Has he? Too bad, I was hoping for another updated evil path that would give me fun comments to read for a few weeks…


Updated to Empyrean


Hey Red, do you have the other old options for those of us who wont be at 380 for a year or 2? I’m on Rajin J2, but between 330 and 380 there are only 3 breeds now. And I’d still love to get the rest of the vanguard mythics while I climb those 50 levels lol.


I do. I’ll add those back