Red's Master Breeding Paths


@TheRedDelilah can you also give tips based on your experience of must have dragons as another guide.ty


Use this one, and then use the above guide once you get to sapphire. With divines there aren’t really any must have dragons anymore until hauheset.


Darn it, you beat me to linking that one lol.


@Lutrus ty so much sir. im still understanding how to use it. btw, can a dragon be breed out of other different parents? is that what this guide for? higher succes rate and less tokens used?


Bingo. Using those specific parents prevents the need to breed other superfluous parents which may have different child combinations or breed the same child for higher tokens.

The whole path is optimized though, so you need to follow it for an extended period of time to get the majority of the benefit.


@mechengg ty for the response. to begin with, i will look at the path with the lowest tokens used? and also thus the guide starts from red egg?


To begin with, use the guide I linked above to get to platinum tier. You should already have some of the dragons, so just jump in wherever you’re at.
Then once you get to platinum, entering sapphire, you can choose which sapphire to obsidian path you want. Icicle 1 and AA3 paths (the paths are named after which garnet mythic you get first) are probably the strongest and cheapest paths atm.


I love when you guys know my paths so well! What a compliment :heart_eyes:


Also, while you’re still low level, don’t build more than 15 attack towers on your base, don’t build ballistas, trebs or fire turrets. Stick with flaks, ice, storms, cannons, archers and lightnings, and no more that 2 mages per Island. Feel free to PM if you need help.


15 is way way way too many.

7 combat towers is best with 4 farms/mills.
11 total.
1 red 1 blue 1-2 storm. The rest can be adjusted but every tower that goes into storage or onto another island weakens your base significantly.

And yes, Ballista are crap.


How could you squeeze 11 towers onto the first long isle? :joy: But I agree 15 attack towers is way too many. I usually go by total towers (incl farms and mills) and 15 as a total makes sense unless you’re a purist and want to hold off on expanding until as late as possible.

My alt is level 42 and still hasn’t gone past the first long isle yet (so 10 towers including farms/mills). But to clarify, I do have some towers in storage as those were needed to push my level past certain caps to upgrade storage capacity. I’ll bring those out when I’m ready to expand to 15 towers and thus occupy the lighthouse small isle.

I have yet to experiment at what level expansion to the lighthouse small isle makes sense - anyone want to input here?

EDIT: We’re digressing from the purpose of this thread which is to share @TheRedDelilah’s awesome work on breeding paths, so let’s continue base building discussions here:


Hey grumpy,
I guess I am a purist! Just 7 combat towers (the one needed to push my level above 26? Goes on the next island). And, if i am really working at it, i replace it with which ever tower is upgrading.


Let’s move this to the base building thread :+1:


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