Red's Master Breeding Paths


Thanks! Probably a lot of people in the same boat as me.


Adding a Sub-380 tab


For my personal copy of selected Red’s paths I did add Jorm+San = Altimorak => Itzani+Redrian back in there (on Rajin J2). Even though it’s a year or more away for me anyway I expert there will be room for that between 360 and 380. But who knows, they may have changed the 300 wall by the time I get close to 360…


Build faster!


@TheRedDelilah is there a way to backbreed Itz (i.e. get Capulos faster) using the Rajin J1 or J2 paths?


The only backbreed for Itz uses Empyrean dragons.


Yah I know - hence the comment re Capulos, as Tuktu is pretty early in the path.

I’m currently on Rajin J2, breeding Sanguis hence the question. I really want Itz early - guess I’ll have to pay full price…


Honestly Capulos is trash, so I’m happy it ended at the bottom. Unfortunately that means Itz is at the end too. Sorry. I could cut off a couple of hundred k, but not a lot.


That’s fine no worries - I’ll just keep plodding on… :slight_smile:


I was just wondering if there is any cheap backboned or regular breed for Avalanche? I didn’t see any on the paths and I don’t really want to spend 100K tokens on him, but want to collect them all if I can lol.:smile: Thanks!!


There is a tab labeled “All Sapphire-Empyrean Options” that you can check. Otherwise my paths are optimized.


Awesome!! Never saw noticed that tab before! Thank you so much Red! :grinning:


Hey Red, just bred tutku today and cost me in excess of 200k gold eggs using jotun + jorm, on your sheet is says 175k are your figures from pg?


The costs I post are estimations based on the drop % from the gamefile itself. When I bread Tutku it cost me exactly 174k.


It’s all in your head.


Hopefully methalax only costs me 150k to balance it out then :joy:


Agree with Lutrus - pretty much impossible - you have made a math mistake somewhere.


Depends on how you do the differential equations in theory a 15.8% +/- is entirely plausible (albeit improbable)


Hey guys :blush:
I was excited to breed Altimorak for the purpose of getting 8 harbinger eggs according to red’s path.(thank you, Red🤗)
Finally bred it. Yay!! But ended up with only 7 harbinger eggs. I didn’t use mystic frags and my mission ballon is still obsidian tier.
Dunno what exactly went wrong :pensive::pensive:


To put it this way, I have never seen a deviation that bad before.