Red's Master Breeding Paths


Just the luck of draw. Sorry love.


Aaah! :sob::sob:
Guess I need to go replan my next fort. Thanks, Red :hugs:


Do calculations on if finishing it or research egg, if it’s an option, is cheaper :stuck_out_tongue: unless you have no tokens left :see_no_evil:


Red, in general, what is the difference in the Rhyo paths?


One gets Lokan, one gets Hedran.


I see. Gonna look up them dragons. Thanks. :rose:


Great! I have Lokan cooking. Will hatch and make breedable. Lokan + Destar = more harbinger eggs :joy:. Still have 352k tokens left :smile:
I was sad and couldn’t think straight :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
Thank you :hugs:


That really shouldn’t be possible. It’s not really random at all, it’s a sequence, just like the chests. You get 4 fragments of a forward breed egg out of every 800 tokens. So 200 tokens per fragment. 200×875=175,000. If you watch the tokens get used, you will see EXACTLY 4 fragments every 2 autobreeds. As far as I know there is 0 deviation in this.


No unfortunately that’s not how this game works. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING works on this concept called “bounded chance”, which basically means anything that has a % chance component to it runs off a pattern. That pattern could be 50 items long (in the case of gold chests) or 900+ items long (in the case of gear). However, the important thing to note is that the pattern exists.

And what the pattern does, is it makes it such that the % chance of getting the item is as accurate as possible, which is why such a large variance from 175k is impossible in this game.

At most, I’ll bet, the variance you will get is one full 20 piece breed or 400 tokens.

Edit: + what @Lee1230 said - he explains it much better


I may have buggered it up posted a ticket e if they can provide gold egg usage numbers for the past 24 hours
Tutku is the only dragon I’ve bred so if they can tell me how many spent will satisfy my curiosity, this whole thing was really born out of curiosity and now I’m eager to try and fit out how it all works etc


Hi. I need advice as to where to go after Noctua. Specifically, which is better for long term progression, Mafic D or Mafic R? R is cheaper, but also results in one less Harbinger. Will that matter in the year or so that it will take me to level my base to level needed to breed Vanguards? Thanks, any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.


Harbs are just a stepping stone to vans. Nothing good happened in vanguard tier.


Nothing good in harb tier.

Destar isn’t too bad I suppose…


Look through all your harb eggs and see if there is one (or two for balloon if you REALLY want) that needs less shards than the others. Sometimes you get lucky and if it will hold you back in fort, might be worth finishing one while you get credit anyhow.


I can easily top that deviation …
Me and my girlfriend both yesterday bred Marianas out of Wraith and Hedran (following X Mafic R), your prediction says 126k, my gf needed 116k , I needed 148k.
I raised a support ticket, they answered as expected … :roll_eyes:


Can you ask support to send you exactly how many tokens you used? It really should not be possible to have a deviation like that, as I stated above. Is it possible either of you made a mistake in the math? Like I said, it’s not actually random, it’s a set sequence, and EVERY 800 tokens gets you 4 fragments of the forward breed. There is no deviation in that.


Hmmm … I had 295k tokens at the start of the event and ended at 147k, no research eggs or anything else. And it also reflects in the event points so I don’t thing I did the maths wrong.
Only thing I did was jumping twice into a defense (due to SS team quest mission) while watching the autobreed.


I have heard of errors occurring when doing things like that before. If support cant help, have your ticket escalated, because like I said, it shouldn’t be possible, because there really isnt any deviation. Do you have extra fragments into the dragon you bred? Like it continued to autobreed after the egg was finished?


Mate, you got the point, THANK YOU.
I just checked the fragments of Marianas and there are additional 217 fragments. So maybe due to the defenses I jumped in the autobreed didn’t stop as soon as the egg was finished.



In that case, support may be able to fix that, but they might not because you already received prizes from the extra event points. That’s a problematic situation. But I wish you luck, and hope it didnt screw you up too bad. At least you know what happened now lol.