Red's Master Breeding Paths


Just did and completed Shezard with less than 1k tokens. Next closest is Estril, will get another for the balloon. Thank you :hugs:

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They were able to fix it and granted the egg Tokens back.

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Any suggestion how to get 3 obs eggs before 300 ( after breeding Lokan)

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Keep breeding lokan until you get them



Also breeding Opes gets one extra obs egg, if that’s part of your path.



What path are you on and what other Obsidian’s do you have?



I did exactly what lutrus suggested. Definitely worth the cost



Thank you , exactly what i wanted to hear



S rhyo 2, right Bo?

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I am 239, not sure if and when my dragon “love” will take me to 300, and i will have 60k tokens to play with after lokan , opes gives only 1



@TheRedDelilah I’m planning my next season’s breeding following your Best Path (thanks again).

Currently entering Obsidian (level 241), I will be breeding Harbingers by the 3rd breeding event on week 9 if I can grow up to 300 by then (if not it will be on next breeding event). By then I’ll have finished S Rhyo R #1 path (up to Rajin/Morthil).:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

As I was planning altogether I saw that your Best Path stays at Vanguard and breed all 9 dragons, there is no Vanguard-Empyrean path designed as the best path in it.

But It seems to be following Rajin J2 first breeds, so… Is Rajin J2 the best path after S Rhyo R #1?:thinking:

Thank you :relaxed:



I don’t like to add to my Best path until all of a tier is out. If you manage to get to your first Harbinger before Mythic Empyreans are out, well, poke me then. :blush:



Thanks, i’ll stay in S Rhyo R #1 path (best) until Mythics Empyrean are out.

I’ll be checking your best guide for updates.:+1:t2:

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Mythic Empyreans are not out.




Hey I Have been looking at Harbinger/Vanguard paths to try to see where I should go to get set up for Vanguard but I keep seeing 1-2 dragons I don’t have and I’m not interested in getting.
I’m sure there are ones that basically can pick up where I’m at I just can’t find them :joy:

I have all Obsidian dragons except 2 (Girasol/Mafic)
It looked like a lot of the paths take one of these dragons?
I also have Lokan & Opes…

What paths could I take in Harbinger to not have to breed Girasol or Mafic?
After Lokan/Opes didn’t want to keep going & end up breeding something I didn’t need to enter Vanguard?
Also is Harbinger about the same as the rest of the tiers where I could breed probably 1 more legendary & a mythic to enter Vanguard?

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Looks like you could step in at step 8 of S Rhyo 2.

That would mean:
Opes + Lokan => Estril
Opes + Estril => Rajin / Morthil

and from there you can pick any of the four Rajin paths for Vanguards.



Exactly what @Morreion said -> S Rhyo #2 step 8.

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Appreciate it :+1:


Beginner's Guide

@TheRedDelilah I’m also entering obsidian this event following S Rhyo #1 path. I was wondering about mythic frag use as they aren’t completed as to whether or not they are good to use. I looked as some other paths but it seems to be different for some of the drags depending on the path. Should they not be used for any on this path?