Red's Master Breeding Paths


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For me looks like is not worth using mystic fragments if you are doing a backbreed or a dragon combination that gives you spare eggs.
Any other criteria?

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@Katz do you have all the Emerald builders hut eggs that you need yet? Even if it is efficient in token savings, make sure that you don’t leave yourself short of the by-product eggs that you need to strengthen your base …


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@NiceKlawz I do need 3 more emerald eggs to get builder hut to lvl 33. I’m lvl 241, my builder hut is at lvl 32 with farms and mills all at lvl 58. It looks like I won’t get the other 3 until I get Archimera. Hopefully I didn’t screw anything up and I’m where I should be. :grimacing:


Breeds that get two dragons at the same time.


I think I got 1 spare Emerald when breeding Noctua, and I’m anticipating another 1 when breeding Lumina in the upcoming event, but that doesn’t get you your 3 … so the mythic fragment use probably is just a question of tokens saved per fragment in your case.


once you get all the spare eggs you need it’s fine to use frags


There’s another exception when you do not want to use mystic fragments.

If the path says you will get some needed eggs for the Builder Hut uprade (let’s say 8 Obsidian Eggs for Lokan, then you do not want to use mystic fragments. With each use of a mystic fragment, you loose some “developments” on one of those extra eggs, which leads getting less Obsidian Eggs then needed


Still, I think frags are more useful for Legendary than Mythic.


Only for lower tiers. In Harbinger legendaries cost 200 tokens per fragment, while mythics cost 205 tokens per fragment, so using mystic frags on mythics is more efficient there. In Vanguard, all dragons are 205 tokens per fragment so it makes no difference.

Anything before from Plat to Obsidian has the 10/20/30% discounts so they will always be less effecitve to spend on. But I don’t really recommend saving all fragments from platinum until Harbinger either.


Sorry. Wrong count.
For now, up to Emerald, Legendary worth more than Mythic.
For Obsidian and beyond, the chance for Legendary and Mythic are the same, so the value is the same as well (fragment wise, negating discount)

double checked with Amoeba for pre-discount value


I’ve apparently been following an old path of Red’s that someone shared with me a long time ago due to lack of understanding. Now trying to follow Red’s updated path. I’m sure I have wasted tons of eggs but wanted to know what is your recommendation for switching over?

Old path someone gave me that they said was Reds:

Khrysos Slynx Ferrox, nix
Consurgens Khrysos Necura,Nosfer
Necura Ferrox Jagra, mune
Jagra Nix Sekoronos
Sekoronos necura Rizar,Vulcan
vulcan munin Cerebro
cerbero mune Kulan,Kelvin,Kajiu

Because I now have Khrysos breed-able, I have the option to breed not only Mune (with correct parents) but Nosfer, Kulan and Necura - but they are suppose to be using a different parent on the updated path. I don’t think I’m too far off just want to do what is best. Any suggestions? (Trying to save tokens.)
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I don’t really understand the four column table you posted. Could you list the gold dragons you currently have (and maybe green as well), that would help picking the best path onwards for you.


Sorry I fixed it.

Gold Dragons I have are
Bander, Caladbolg, Firactus, Ferrox, Lumen, Yersinu, Whalegnawer, Consurgens, Khysos

Edit: to add Ferrox


I’ve looked through all the Gold-Platinum paths, and I think Whale/Cons 3 is the cheapest option to go with from where you are. It doesn’t actually use your Khrysos, but it’s still cheaper than any of the other paths.

Only thing that seems peculiar is that you say you can breed Mune, as far as I can see every combo for Mune needs either Ferrox or Sekoronos, and you don’t have those listed as dragons you own.

But if you can breed Mune, I’d say do that and then simply follow Red’s Best from step 26 (the one after Mune).


Yes I can breed


You didn’t list Ferrox in your list of gold dragons, so that’s why I wondered.

My advise is still the same, simply take Red’s Best from step 25 (Ferrox + Cons => Mune).

You will also need to have the green dragons Munin and Pandi for that path. If you don’t have them you can make them cheaply with:

  • Septys (orange) + Whalegnawer => Munin (2k)
  • Kobahl (blue) + Consurgens => Pandi (1.5k)


I do not have Pandi but I do have Ferrox. Thank you for the advice. So don’t bread the others even though I have them ready but with another parent?
Edit: And breed Pandi because I will need him. I know Munin is next but was wandering about the others that are ready.
Edit 2: And should I do Septys (orange) with Whale for Munin or stick with Ferrox and Whale?


Will you post all the orange and above dragons you have?


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