Red's Master Breeding Paths


Orange: Volos/Slynx/Habrok/Ankor/Lucius/Bronze/Kolo/Ruma/Noss/Hydron/Luminark/Enki/Septys/Amarak/Durga (Wasn’t really following a path)
Green: Garzev/Nassus/Gaspar/Serabis/Naga/Elixis/Ith/Karna/Ettin/Danzig/Hugin/Munin (More on path)

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TheLadyRed - yes.

Step Offspring Parent Parent Cost
1 Nosfer, Necura Khrysos Consurgens 40,000
2 Mune, Jagra Ferrox Necura 39,000
3 Kulan Lumen Necura 40,000
4 Kaiju, Rizar Jagra Kulan 44,800
5 Cerbero Munin Kaiju 2,666
6 Kelvin, Vulcan Cerbero Necura 44,800

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Edit - Can I use fragments on any of that?


For Jagra or Necura would be okay


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:thinking: Where does Kulan come from?


When a mommy dragon and a daddy dragon love each other very much…


Thank you for the catch - fixed.


What if we cut #2 and #4, replace it with Kulan + Necura, and go to Icicle 4? :eyes:


Mmm. Could yeah. Will look when I’m not on my cellphone


In the Obsidian - Harbringer paths, there are a few places where there is a discrepancy for Mystic Fragment Use even though the same parents are being used to breed the same dragon…

S Girasol D - Lumina - Poor To Use
S Girasol K - Lumina - Fine To Use

(And the next entry in both those lines)

Just wondering - which is it for Lumina?




I’ll double check and edit tonight. I rushed last night


Sorry another random q: are the notes for the asterisk anywhere (or is there a code to what these mean)?

Thanks so much. This guide has made my dragon progression move so much quicker. :grinning:


When it is discussing “mystic frag use”, the “Poor to Use**” signifies that you should finish getting your builders hut eggs and mystic frags should not be used until you have the eggs you need.


Thanks for asking! I always wondered what the “Fine to use*” asterisk meant …


@MALIK Here’s the page for you


What do you folks do when you can’t decide which path to go on next? I’ll be finishing icicle 4 soon and trying to plan ahead but it’s a tough decision. :rofl:


Depends what you’re looking for!


Almost done with Icicle4 and need a new plan. What should i use to get my building hut upgrade fastest (just like icicle4)?
Thank you Red for the awsome job you are doing with Reds best breeding plans :slight_smile: