Red's Master Breeding Paths


I’m looking for the best dragons, the fastest builder hut eggs, and the cheapest token cost. :rofl:

Seriously though I just want to get through the tiers as fast as possible so I can get to more “modern” dragons.


S Rhyo 2?

With extra Harb Obsidian egg as topping


Just keep following Red’s best which is Rhyo 1 after Icicle 4. However if you’re building well and can use the Obsidian eggs earlier, then Rhyo 2 is the way for you.


Would recommend rhyo 2 as well :+1:t3:


I was planning on going s rhyo 2 but someone told me that they ended up with itzani not on their path due to choosing s rhyo 2. I kinda wanted itzani. :hushed:


You can do Rajin 1, gives you Itzani



Trust but verify. This person is wrong. I did rhyo 2 into Rajin 2 and would do it again and highly recommend it to others.


Cool thanks y’all!


You can just bring the Itz breed forward in Rajin 2 - you don’t need to follow the exact order.

Mine is a bastardised version of the sub 380 and normal Rajin paths - with Oni and Itz brought forward. There is quite a large level gap at this stage so you can afford to move things around to suit your fort pace.


Ok, thanks!


Truer words were never spoken! Next breed I’ll have 2 Vans ready to incubate…29 Base levels to go :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Studies this :eyes:

Edit: I don’t like the oni breed bc my fire gear would go to redrian and his kit has no place in my roster/approach. I do like the itzi breed but I also think breeding tuktu for the van eggs/redrian is better for base progression (depending if you’re past the level req for 75’s). Nice bastardization though!


So here’s where the confusion comes in: Itzani is listed on the “Sub380” paths but not the normal Rajin paths.


Nah I have a long way to go before I need vanguard eggs (level 390) and I’ll get that in the Modrian breed - so timing works out.

I just thought I’d go get a lazy warrior if I ever need one… :rofl:


You should look primarily at the sub-380. Normal is really for those already able to breed Emps. Bit of a misnomer but :man_shrugging:

Most people will be following the sub-380…


By sub 380, red really means sub 400

red fix your :poop:


Bite me :kissing_heart: