Red's Master Breeding Paths


I’m looking for the best dragons, the fastest builder hut eggs, and the cheapest token cost. :rofl:

Seriously though I just want to get through the tiers as fast as possible so I can get to more “modern” dragons.

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S Rhyo 2?

With extra Harb Obsidian egg as topping


Just keep following Red’s best which is Rhyo 1 after Icicle 4. However if you’re building well and can use the Obsidian eggs earlier, then Rhyo 2 is the way for you.

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Would recommend rhyo 2 as well :+1:t3:

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I was planning on going s rhyo 2 but someone told me that they ended up with itzani not on their path due to choosing s rhyo 2. I kinda wanted itzani. :hushed:


You can do Rajin 1, gives you Itzani



Trust but verify. This person is wrong. I did rhyo 2 into Rajin 2 and would do it again and highly recommend it to others.


Cool thanks y’all!


You can just bring the Itz breed forward in Rajin 2 - you don’t need to follow the exact order.

Mine is a bastardised version of the sub 380 and normal Rajin paths - with Oni and Itz brought forward. There is quite a large level gap at this stage so you can afford to move things around to suit your fort pace.


Ok, thanks!


Truer words were never spoken! Next breed I’ll have 2 Vans ready to incubate…29 Base levels to go :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Studies this :eyes:

Edit: I don’t like the oni breed bc my fire gear would go to redrian and his kit has no place in my roster/approach. I do like the itzi breed but I also think breeding tuktu for the van eggs/redrian is better for base progression (depending if you’re past the level req for 75’s). Nice bastardization though!

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So here’s where the confusion comes in: Itzani is listed on the “Sub380” paths but not the normal Rajin paths.


Nah I have a long way to go before I need vanguard eggs (level 390) and I’ll get that in the Modrian breed - so timing works out.

I just thought I’d go get a lazy warrior if I ever need one… :rofl:

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You should look primarily at the sub-380. Normal is really for those already able to breed Emps. Bit of a misnomer but :man_shrugging:

Most people will be following the sub-380…


By sub 380, red really means sub 400

red fix your :poop:


Bite me :kissing_heart:


I think there is a mistake in the normal Empyrian path in the running total column in Rahin J 2. The summation uses the wrong cells.
cheers, Doran

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The sum from 3rd cell should be correct, though it’s slightly confusing


It’s not typed in. The first dragon lists the total of the second and first. The second dragon totals the blank space above the line and it’s own cost. The third dragon uses sum at the first and it’s own cost, getting the total right again.

This basically happens if you swap two lines around and don’t re-fill the formula’s. The totals are correct for the order Sanguis=>Lokan=>Keth, but they are not in that order anymore (and wouldn’t work in that order of course).

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