Red's Master Breeding Paths


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I was going to make a reply about Red being too ahead of the times last night… looks like that was actually the case. :joy:


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I can’t find anything in this forum about mystic frags but I remember in my early days on the forums stumbling upon an argument for when to use mystic drags. I’m planning on breeding my first sapphire drag this event, should I use mystic frags now or wait til a later tier?


Short answer: Yes.

All the detail: :tada:
Red’s path above has a “Mystic Frag Use” column (Column H); look for “Good to Use” to maximize your token savings, okay for middling, and bad for when it’s not ideal to use them.

If you want to work with breeding event point scoring/breeding calculations without the math, this calculator/lookup thing covers that.

More math-y bits:
Using mystic fragments on sapphires that cost 125k will maximize egg token cost savings (125,000 tokens / 500 fragments = 250 tokens per mystic fragment). Tiers garnets through obsidian bred at max cost will be around 200 tokens each for legendaries (using 143,500/700) and around 205 (using 220,000/1,100) for mythics. If you don’t need that many more sigils for the season, you may want to consider saving mystic fragments for winter season breeding events; there are many more sapphire legendaries remaining. Note that your first Sapphire Mythic is likely to be 195k-200k egg tokens for 1,000 fragments, meaning that it’s technically one of the least worthwhile, other than backbreeds or multi-dragon breeds.



Thanks! I couldn’t remember the math for which was best and it’s 2am here so my capabilities of figuring it out myself were lacking. So The only downside to using the frags for sapphire is the loss of plat research eggs…wish I didn’t need those for my builder hut.


I’m always confused byb breed path I’m in platinum at mo so wondering what’s best path for warrior can you help ? Mail is better to keep track thanks


#teamplayerJ ?


Seriously now AV, follow Red’s best breeding path and you’ll get every warrior, sorcerer and hunter worthy of respect for the lower tiers.
When you are in tiers higher than Gold you’ll know what fits best every aspect of the game to make choices on late game breeding.


Just a little reminder that there are multiple options for breeding paths above Sapphire too! I have my “Best” path of course, which is my Icicle 1 path, but there are some other good options too.

Looking for a place to learn

Can anyone tell me who breeds dodo


Hext + Etzel


I jumped on a breeding path once I hit sapphire (Yeah late to the show, as usual :roll_eyes:)

Have started following Icicle 3

But now I’ve seen Superman has a plan that’s barely over 3 million tokens…Is that the fastest know plan? Slightly over 3 million? Icicle is like idr maybe 3.5 - 3.6 ? Which is quite a bit more!

Superman’s 3 million actually I could jump on and not have to do anything extra…

I didn’t know if some of the badkbreeds don’t exist anymore or what?
Looks to be a killer plan if it all is still good…It has a backbreeds for Slax, Kerbos, Deci, Hau, Wraith And Gloomclaw…Those all still good?

Just want the cheapest, fastest path :wink:


Superman’s paths are wildly out of date and do not include the final release of the rest of obsidian tier, that’s why they seem cheaper (notice the word “seem”).


Red is super awesome about keeping her paths up to date :relaxed: Her paths are truly a wonderful resource and I can’t say enough thanks for all the effort she puts into updating and maintaining them, and coming up with the best possible paths for players to benefit from her expertise.

:kissing_heart::kissing_heart: Love you Red!


Uhhh, thanks?


Idk but do All those backbreeds still work?

I would name all the parents for the specific backbreeds but I’m sure you know them lol

The path I was looking at of his gives you Rhyo, Noc and 2 other Obsidian dragons. I could do without the others for right now lol

With the paths I was just looking the fastest route to Noc


:thinking: Your line of thinking was already answered around a month ago and again above. Remove an entire tier, and it’s going to be cheaper. And there was also your other thread:

If you’re having trouble reading from Amoeba’s site, then you could also check the “All Sapphire-Obsidian Options” tab for all options, as the label suggests.